River Walk Miss L 4L

7 09 2017




River Nene floods- Ruby 5L

9 06 2016

In humanities we have been learning about the river Nene floods, we have been on a walk, interviewed eye witnesses and wrote a newspaper article. Please click the link below to see my newspaper article. This topic was very fun and I liked going on the river Nene walk to see the changes from then to now.

Presentation2 floods ruby news


Northampton Flood Newspaper 1998 – Zeliha

9 06 2016

This is my Northampton Newspaper for the flood in 1998.

(You may use this but the credit is mine otherwise you have copyrighted)


Newspaper article – Phillip 5L

9 06 2016

We have been making a newspaper article about the 1998 flood this is my article.floooooooooood

Northampton 1998 floods – Christian 5L

9 06 2016

In year 5 we have been learning about the 1998 Northampton floods.flood newspaper


Northampton 1998 Floods- Aiden 5L

9 06 2016

Presentation1 In humanaties, we are learing about the River Nene, here is my newspaper report.

The Northampton Flood – Mackenzie

22 05 2016

In our humanities project we have been asked to design and make a newspaper about the 1998 flood.

Clarkes Cracking Creative Chronicle & Echo

You can use this poster but please credit me otherwise it is copyrighted.

Northampton floods – Millie

22 05 2016

In history we are doing the river Nene and we were told to make a newspaper article on the floods. We went for a walk down by the river and I loved it. Her is my Newspaper article:

My News paper article

Newspaper articles Ashmita 5L

22 05 2016

In humanities we have been learning about the River Nene flood. We have been writing our own diary about waking up and seeing the flood in Literacy. We went on a River Nene walk and we saw Delapre Middle School’s  flood wall bricks.

Here is a link to my news paper articles. Click on “Ashmita’s Articles” :

Ashmita’s Articles

the River Nene WILLIAM 5T

29 04 2016

the River Nene

the river Nene is the 9th longest river in the uk  as a fact it flows right next to  William’s house

in Easter 1998 the river Nene flooded.  To  improve this they put  in flood defences .

on the 5th of may we’re going on a river Nene walk