SATS (again)-Ella 6F

8 05 2016

So I know I’ve done a blog about SATS before, but since we are so close to them, I thought that I’d do another one. So SATS are in one week for all of us year 6 students and will begin on Monday the 9th of May. Everyone is on their last week of tuition and Mr. Fisher’s maths set and class have no homework, since it is a week before SATS, of course, they still expect us to revise for the tests, but I think what we have to remember is that we know what we need to know, and if we try to put anything else into the mix it’s just going to make the knowledge pot overflow and a brain without anything in it I don’t imagine will be very useful.

We have been working very hard (especially over the last four or so weeks) for the tests, and I think (however much everyone denies it) everyone is half heartedly looking forward to SATS so that they can show off how truly intelligent they really are. Whatever the out come is, no-one is going to beat you if you get a SPAG question wrong nor an arithmatic, so the best thing to do is (as I have already said before in my other blog about SATS) let what happens happen.

Good luck to everyone in year 6; I hope that you all do very well, I’m sure you’ll all do great!

SATs are coming! – Frankie

28 04 2016

Even though I am ill and cannot come to school until the 3rd May, I have been revising at home for these very important tests and am (hopefully) going to be able to achieve the same standard as I would have done if I hadn’t caught this illness and had to take some days off because of it.

For everyone, SATs seem like a very daunting and scary task; if you were to be a schoolchild in the world of the new  curriculum, how would you feel? Yet, in some cases, it isn’t such a life-changing decision. The only people this will even remotely affect is your class teacher, for they will be anxious about how we children will do and how much we will remember from our lessons. So, for children out there worrying your heads off, don’t. (If you’re a teacher, it’s fine, you can keep on worrying!)

We’ve all been working very hard and it will pay off, hopefully. By the way, don’t let the above put you off, because children and teachers alike will most probably be perfectly fine. Some of us are actually enjoying the anticipation!

Maths, English, Science and History, we will do whatever we can to make a good mark!

Good luck teachers, good luck children!

Literacy in Year 6 -Francesca 6C

18 04 2016

In Literacy, Year 6 have been doing some acting about all of the ranks in an Egyptian building site. At the top is the Scribe and at the bottom is the Water Boy. I was a water boy along with Harry. As well as there being Scribes and Water Boys there were also Workers, Overseers and Chisellers. Workers were in charge of pulling all of the great big chunks of stone to their destination. Overseers were in charge of making sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time and that everyone was doing the right job. Last but not least there were the Chisellers who shaped the rock in the into the right shape.

In Year 6 we were acting out a building site which was a little bit hard especially when we also had to show the right facial expression which had to go along with our part and our body movements.

A Letter – Eli

22 06 2015

To 5L, how is school coming on? I’ve had a look on the blog and things look awesome! At my new school, I am starting to run a book club with some people in my class. Their names are Logan and Dylan. I would like to hear from you in the comments section. I’m hoping that I will get a chance to visit you soon but having the new school eight miles away would make it tricky.

From Eli

Childline – Frankie

9 02 2015

On Friday, two people from Childline – Fiona and Peter – came to talk to us about what they do. First, Fiona told us about 5 kinds of child abuse. Buddy, a green speech bubble who is Childline’s mascot, says these are NOT OK.

Next, Peter told us that he had a sack that we would put our worries (plastic blocks) into, and we would take them out with each trustworthy adult that we named. There turned out to be more adults than blocks, which was good, and soon the bag was empty again. The people we named were people who we could talk to if we were worried about something.

After that we were taught the Childline phone number – 0800 1111 – and the website address – There were games, videos and friendly information like you would get from your ‘buddy’ on the website, and if you rang the Childline number, it was ABSOLUTELY FREE, and wouldn’t show up on the phone bills. They keep your calls PRIVATE, and always give the best advice on your problems.

At the end of the session, Fiona and Peter gave us each a yellow Childline sticker with Buddy on, and a Childline activity pack. Everyone learned a lot from Fiona and Peter, and we all had good fun. Well done, Childline!

Gardening Club – Sammy

9 10 2014

Every Tuesday I go to gardening club, and last week we made scarecrows. Here’s the one that our group made. This is, me Sammy, Ella, Sam and Francesca. It was very tricky to make, Mr Kelly had to help us a lot. The only thing he didn’t have to help us with was the head. The head was simple, because all you had to do was stick some straw through a plant pot and draw a face on it. In the end the scarecrow had to sit on a bucket, because it would not stand.



On Tuesday 7th October 2014 we had a lady called Linda came to gardening club, to show us a wormery. She showed us all sorts of different worms. We got to hold the worms and poke the worms. I thought it wasn’t gross, but some people thought it was.


Kung Fu Punctuation – Eli

9 10 2014

Kung fu punctuation is a cool way of learning punctuation. This is how it goes:

First, bow to your opponent, with your hands in the position of a capital letter a (A), saying ” Capital letter”.

the rest is simple:

. = punch, while shouting “HA!”

, = throw out your hand but turn it at the same time, while shouting “SHI!”

” ” = put your hands in the air (fingers in a number two position) , stand on your right leg, while shouting  “HAAAEEEEEEE!”

‘ = point your pointing finger and wiggle it in the sky, while shouting “BLUBALABALABA!”

: = two full stops – one above the other, while shouting “HA! HA!”

; = one full stop with one comma at the comma, while shouting “HA! SHI!”

( ) = for the brackets, do two commas – each the same angle as the brackets  , while shouting “SHI! SHI!”

Miss Letts – Frankie

21 09 2014

Facts about Miss Letts:

  • She is ….Kind,
  • Helpful,
  • Fun,
  • Knowledgeable,
  • Cheerful,
  • Brave,
  • Quick-minded,
  • Thoughtful,
  • Likeable,
  • Talented.
  • And great at gardening too!


Winner of 5l school councillor-James

18 09 2014

I would like to congratulate Ella on winning the vote for school councillor and I think she will be a good school councillor. I only think that because Ella is very good with kids and she would be very kind and respectful to everyone.But Ellis won the deputy  school councillor because he can take Ella’s space if she’s poorly and Ellis is strong and confident and both of them will be great.


Football Trials – Bartosz

18 09 2014

Today year 5 & 6 were doing football trials for the school Football team.

Me,Jacob(from year 6),Joshua,Elliot(year 6 too) and Max (5T) Were in the same team at half time I encouraged my team  to BELIEVE but that just made it worse, we lost 1-0 in our next match after our 0-0 draw.

I personally don’t think we did very well at least we tried i hope to get in the school football team this year.