SPACE! by Max

8 11 2018

Hey everyone,

This term, in science, we’re doing about the Sun, Earth, and Moon, which is an absolute joy for me. It is my favourite topic of all. Things right now are quite hard at the moment,but I love school, so i’m going to do my best at science. Lunchtimes are especially hard at the moment, with everyone being rude to our lunch lady, and I’m not going to name them, but they’re really making it hard for me. The Sun is basically a big ball of hydrogen, which is a type of gas. The Earth is the only planet that is able to have life form living on it, and the Moon is our 1, measly piece of rock that the Earth has managed to catch.


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Science in year 5 – Saffron 5T

19 12 2016

Science is a really good lesson. We have been learning about planets and space. There are 9 planets in the solar system and 1 dwarf planet. Now we are leaning about night and day and how the Sun reflects on the Earth. The Earth orbits the Sun and the Moon orbits the Earth. The Moon does not have any oxygen so humans can’t breathe.

Science in year 5 – Maks 5T

19 12 2016

In science we have been studying space and the universe.I enjoyed it very much, it is my favourite lesson. Did you know that you can fit a 1,000,ooo Earths in our Sun?! In the solar system, there are 9 planets including 1 dwarf planet which is Pluto. The other 8 planets are Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter ,Uranus,Venus, Mars, Mercury and Earth.

We learnt that the earth orbits, which means circles, the sun every 365 days (1 year). While the moon orbits the earth every 28 days which is a lunar month. The process goes on and on for lots of years but eventually, in billions of years we will hit the sun.

Learning About Saturn-by D’Arcey 5T

19 12 2016

Hello my name is D’Arcey and I’m in year 5.

In science we have been learning about the solar system. We even done a test about the Sun, Earth and Moon, about how they orbit each other. Quietly, the whole class of 5T were put in places around the school corridors because we did a scavenger hunt, where you had two clip boards and you would have to find a card witch would have an answer to one of your questions. It was really fun but also tricky because you couldn’t find the cards easily, Mr.Thomas had hidden them in really good places, my partner Tari and I found all 18 cards.

When I was young I adored space and I still do. My favourite planet is called Saturn, one of the biggest planets in space. Saturn’s colours are beautiful. I also think the rings are amazing because they are made of asteroids, all different sizes like small, big and enormous to little little tiny asteroids.

If you want to learn more about the beautiful planet Saturn click link to find more about.        saturn

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Jupiter Emily 5T

13 12 2016

This blog will tell you lots about Jupiter.

jupiter-1– click here to open a powerpoint about Jupiter.

Jupiter is the 5th planet away from the sun!

Learning about Science is really fun and I want to learn more about the planets in the solar system but unfortunately we have to move on . I hope you have enjoyed my blogs.My favourite  lesson has been the scavenger hunt.



Life Cycle of a wolf By Andrew 5T

9 06 2016

Life Cycle By Andrew Lleshi

Bee keeper visit

25 05 2016

Stephanie Withall visited year 5 and 1 today to share her knowledge and experience of bee keeping. She is obviously passionate about this subject and the children really enjoyed hearing about all aspects of this subject. They were fascinated by Queen Bee facts, honey/wax products and how many millions of flowers are needed to make one jar of honey.

Children tried on the face veil and hat and took a closer look at the pallets of wax and nectar cells which would usually be kept inside hives. Plenty of questions followed, mainly about stings and bee populations. This session supports our science topic on life cycles where we have recently been learning about pollination and the role of bees in the life cycle of a flower.


Evolution:Matilda Mansfield 6f

29 04 2016

In class, we have been learning about evolution.Some people believe that instead of God creating the world,that little orbs grew and grew into bigger things.The things that they said were in the evolution circle, is in this order;first a orb,then a fish,next the fish grew legs and after it evolved into…a chimpanzee/monkey!Lastly,it was us humans but other animals and creatures were created along the way,I guess that’s why monkeys look and do things a lot like us because we evolved from them.

But evolution,is a slow process,and takes thousands of years so it’s not like you are going to wake up tomorrow morning and be another different specie like a uni-dog…

We also learnt about extinct animals, extinct means no longer has any of that specie left, such as a dodo, Tasmanian wolf, Mammoth and lots more. Here are some photos of them.

Four Reasons Why Cloning Extinct Animals Is Wrong - Earth in ...                                                                   

MAMMOTH                                                                                          DODO                                                       TASMANIAN WOLF


Explosions – Mackenzie 5L

28 04 2016

We have been able to do our own science experiment and I chose the property of explosions so we did many different experiments such as the coke and mentoes, vitamin C tablets and vinegar, Volcano erupting and a chemical only experiment. We had to predict that some of the experiments either would explode more or less and the coke and mentoes was the most and the vitamin C tablets was the less because it didn’t explode it just fizzed.

In conclusion we wanted to learn which things had a bigger chemical reaction and because of the schools resources we were able to find that out.

Science Harry 6C

20 04 2016

So, as it’s my favourite lesson I had to know what new subject we would be doing in Science… and now we have been informed. Evolution and Inheritance. Such as the dinosaurs, fossils and possibly even the human race. Though we haven’t done much yet I know this will be very interesting as Science always is. I personally look forward to this subject and I hope other people in my class will as well.