SPACE! by Max

8 11 2018

Hey everyone,

This term, in science, we’re doing about the Sun, Earth, and Moon, which is an absolute joy for me. It is my favourite topic of all. Things right now are quite hard at the moment,but I love school, so i’m going to do my best at science. Lunchtimes are especially hard at the moment, with everyone being rude to our lunch lady, and I’m not going to name them, but they’re really making it hard for me. The Sun is basically a big ball of hydrogen, which is a type of gas. The Earth is the only planet that is able to have life form living on it, and the Moon is our 1, measly piece of rock that the Earth has managed to catch.


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My First Blog Post Of Harry.

27 09 2017


This year so far  I have learnt about the moon.We had to make super sentences with nouns,verbs and adjectives.We wrote a diary of Neil Armstrong of when he went to space.I would like to learn more about space.I like learning about space  because it’s a lesson I have never done in my school career. Mr Fisher is very funny.


Mary Anning facts -Georgia 6f

16 05 2016

In science we were learning about Mary Anning so here is some facts about her. Mary was born on  May 21st, 1799 in Lyme Regis. Her father( Richard Anning) was a cabinet maker she also had a mother called Mary Moore and a brother called Joseph Anning .  Mary Anning was an English  fossil collector ,dealer and a  palaeontologist who became known around the world

Stargazing event

22 10 2015

On Wednesday 21st October, volunteers from Northampton Astronomy Society visited year 5 at school in the evening to teach them all about the sky at night.  Parents were invited too and everyone took part in three activities; making a planisphere, watching a presentation on space and learning about telescopes. Unfortunately it was cloudy so we couldn’t go outside to view the constellations, what a shame. But everyone enjoyed learning about the sun, moon and Earth as well as the solar system and stars.

Our children made us proud by showing their extensive knowledge of this topic, answering questions correctly from what they’ve been learning this term. They also asked many challenging questions to our experts.

The event was well attended with 45 children and at least one parent with them each. A huge thank you to our volunteers from the Astronomy society, organised by Dave Eagle and James Whinfrey. Also thanks to Miss Cartright, Miss Crump and Mrs Hemmings for helping out and Mrs Musk for opening the school in the evening.

Feedback comments:

My favourite part was when we looked at the telescope with the mirrors – Suzie

The volunteers who had the telescopes were really interesting – Phillip

I liked hearing about the old days when the scientists thought everything orbited the Earth – Callum

My sister and I liked making the planisphere – Poppy

I liked asking questions as we got quite a lot of answers – Meghan

I liked seeing the presentation as you got to know about the planets and who discovered what in space history – Christian

I liked showing everyone my telescope – Aiden

My mum enjoyed making the planisphere – Owen

My Dad enjoyed learning all the facts on the presentation – Mille

My dad liked asking questions about the planets and what you could see and how far away without binoculars – Alicia

I like how it involved the parents – Tabi

My mum enjoyed the powerpoint presentation – Saffron

My dad kept asking me complicated questions, luckily I was able to answer most of them – Cameron


As you could probably see last night, we all enjoy doing and supporting these outreach events.

If  they all enjoy what we do and if can inspire at least one child to do more astronomy it is always extremely worthwhile.

I was extremely impressed with the children’s responses and their many and varied questions.

It looked as if they enjoyed the evening.

Thank you for asking us along.


Dave Eagle


The Space Dome – Emily

14 10 2015

Yesterday the 29th September we went in a space dome and it was so cool I loved it. After it me and my friend felt dizzy. Here is a photo of us dome 009

It was like we were all disappearing.

The Solar System-Rosie

1 10 2015

The solar system is the universe with lots of planets the Earth is also in the solar system.

The Solar System-Saffron

1 10 2015

In science our subject is the solar systems, here are some facts about what we’ve been learning past the few weeks. This is a website to have a look at.

The order of the planets are…

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Jupiter is the biggest planet of all and Mercury is the smallest.
Check out this “>video

The planets Tabi

1 10 2015

watch this video.

A video that explains why Pluto is a dwarf planet

1 10 2015

Science Dome- Ethan

30 09 2015

Here is some more information :