Space Dome – Suzie

30 09 2015

Yesterday we went to an amazing science dome to learn all about space. We even heard a Greek legend about one of the constellations.

wordle            science dome 013



science dome-Aiden

30 09 2015

Yesterday, we got a chance to go in a space dome and it was AWESOME! here is a  picture.wordlewordlewordle

The Dome-Saffron

30 09 2015

wordleYesterday we got to go inside a dome. A dome is a big round sphere, our dome was navy blue and there was a zip to go inside it. Before we went inside it there was a man called Steve and he was in charge of the dome. He showed us how the Earth rotates round the Sun and the Moon rotates round the Earth. Steve used an apple for the moon, a miniature globe for the Earth and Kevanah for the sun! It was amazing, inside the dome Miss Letts picked me to choose a planet to zoom into and see all of its special features. I picked Uranus and it had loads of moons! I loved dome 005

The science dome -Tabi

30 09 2015

wordle5l had lots of fun at the dome so thank you Steve .

Our Day In The Space DOME – Mackenzie

30 09 2015

Yesterday was our turn in the space dome.images





Solar system- Grace

25 09 2015

This year in Science we are doing solar system

system and we watched some really cool songs this one of them:

Space and the Solar System-Ashmita

25 09 2015


Check out this song .


In science we are learning about space and the solar system. We are mostly studying about the Earth sun and moon. So far we have learnt about their orbits ,size ,what they are made of and how night and day are caused.

Here is a website.


Check out these photos.



18 09 2015

 Our topic in science is the planets and the solar system and we had to research some facts about a chosen planet.  Mine was Saturn and I found out that Saturn is not the only planet with rings and the other one is Uranus. Did you know that Neptune is named after a roman god and is the coldest planet. Mercury is the size of earth’s moon. Saturn is the second biggest planet out of the whole 8 but if you think Pluto is still a planet you are wrong.  It is now classed as a dwarf planet along with four others.




17 09 2015

Mercury is the hottest planet.  It is closest to the SUN and has one moon.

VENUS is the same  size  as earth and is 2nd closest to the sun.

Next comes …

EARTH our home, is the same size as Venus and is 3rd from the sun .

MARS looks like a red planet but really it’s is dust .

JUPITER is the biggest planet in the solar system .planet










The Solar System – Suzie

17 09 2015

In Science we are learning about the Solar System. I’ve learnt that there used to be nine planets in our Solar System, but Pluto was said to be too small to be a proper planet, so it is now a dwarf planet.

Here is a great website about our Solar System:

Here’s another website