Greek day – Saule 5C

26 01 2017

greek gods

On Wednesday 11th Jan 2017  it was Greek Day and we learnt a lot of things. In the morning, year 5 went to the hall and we met some visitors who were the people teaching us about Greek day so they  put us in states such as Sparta, Corinth, Megara, Athens and Thebes. I was Corinth. So, there used to be some barbarians  in the West called the Persians. There was the Persian king who made an empire with an army of 100,000 people and when he heard about Greece, he liked the country so he decided to send approximately 10 messengers to Greece. They went to all the following states: Sparta, Corinth, Megara, Athens and Thebes. If the states said ‘no’ he would simply invade them and still keep the land he wanted. First they invaded Athens and they said they were going to think about it and that’s what all of the states said except Sparta who just cut all of the messengers heads off and so on but you can search the story on:                                                

Ausrine 5T – Year 5

19 12 2016

Year 5 has been a magnificent experience including ICT, Science and Religious Education. Before all this had happened as you will now, it had been the summer holidays. Most of you maybe went on holiday but sadly I did not get to. I had a really fun time because it was my dad’s birthday and also I got to go to the beach.

I really like being in school because I enjoy being back in it with my friends. Also, I like learning about water in humanities because when our class got the homework I liked it for some strange reason. Obviously I like ICT because we get to do blogging and when we do it we will get to add pictures and videos which I really want to do. I also like literacy because we get to do Alice in wonderland because of the writing that I also like to do.

Amusingly, in science we are learning about the solar system and it is really fun. By now I know all my planets that are in the solar system.

I know that you will like this lesson because it is Tag Rugby. In Tag Rugby we are learning about defence. Also, if you tried it I know that you will love doing it.

Year 5 is just magnificent!!!

Staring in Year 5 Sami 5T

19 12 2016


This is my new year, year 5. I am finding this year quite difficult but funny as well. It is funny because our teacher, Mr Thomas is always making jokes and it always makes everyone start laughing. For our new timetable today we had Maths, English, Break, Humanities, Lunch, ICT, and then lastly we have PSHE.

It is not very surprising that we have more homework than we used to. Our work is getting harder and once I think that it’s, enough of work getting harder, it gets even harder. I like year 5 with the work because it challenges me more than the other years. When we do writing we have to use many different adjectives, adverbs and phrases.

In year 5 things are different because in year 4 we took our things like coats and lunch packs and then wait to go, but now we get our book bags and on the way back we get everything else. It still is actually really cool that we can walk home now. Sometimes I walk with my friends.


Starting in 5t – Louie 5T

19 12 2016

This is my blog. I am having fun at school but art is the best.

In art we are drawing water things. And in PE we are playing dodge ball. It was fun. I was in the yellow team. We came 2nd in PE.

Waves – art – Evie 5T

19 12 2016

In year 5 we have been drawing waves. I find art really fun because there’s no wrong and right and you can play about with colours and pencils. The awesome Mrs Masters teaches us art -she’s the best art teacher ever! So far we’ve used willow charcoal, sketching pencils and oil pastels. We’ve also learnt the difference between abstract and realism. Also I personally think my drawing skills have also improved. Art is my favourite lesson EVER!!!!! We’ve been playing around with lots of different textures and it’s really fun! I also like the walk around gallery, it’s where we walk around  the room and look at each other’s work.

The Choir At The Derngate-Francesca 6c

20 06 2016

On Monday and Thursday the choir sang at the Derngate. On Monday we sang 8 songs with lots of other choirs and children, there was even an adult choir. We all made a fantastic sound when we sang together as one big choir. I also want to say a massive well done to Chloe and Emanuel for doing amazing solos, you were both so brave.

northampton-royal-derngateThen on Thursday we sang one song called “I am a small part of the world” just by ourselves and then we sang “Hold back the river” with all the other children. There was a wide variety of talent that performed on that stage and the whole night for everyone was a breath taking experience!        logo_royalderngate


20 06 2016

With the upcoming of Kingswood and most of the children in year 6 and 5 going I just wanted to do this post to remind everyone of what will be going on and what will happen. Also if you have any questions about Kingswood go and ask Mr.Casey or Mrs.Gordon. First of all we will be doing a range of exciting activies ranging from the leap of faith to the disco in the evening. I am personally looking forward to the survival skills and well everything!

The three bits of information you must remember are: Your room number, Activity group letter and HAVE FUN!!!Kingswood

Anansi literacy-Ruby-5L

17 04 2016

This week in literacy we have been studying other culture’s folk stories. Today ( 15/4/2016 ) we learnt about Anansi who is a little spider that is a trickster. In today’s lesson we acted out a story about Anansi. Mine and Rosie’s was about the box of stories. It was so fun. We also researched some other stories, I researched about the day of the dead which is from Mexico. The day is to celebrate their Mexican family who have died to help them with their spiritual life.


Fab Club -Samantha 5L

16 04 2016

On a Thursday after school, I do a certain club called fab club which stands for : Filming, Animation and Blogging. For the first couple of weeks, we are going to be working on scratch. Scratch is an online coding game and to help us with this, Mr.Flynn has very kindly offered to help us. The coding game we are making is called Clone Wars. It is very fun and Miss.Letts actually runs the club.

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