12 06 2018


The year sixes have been working their socks off to present and perfect their lines. I won’t reveal a lot but I will say two things: the play is based on the two World Wars and it will be … AWESOME!!!!!!!

There are 6 scenes in total. Each one will fill you with laughter. We all hope you enjoy it. The word ‘we’ includes: all 60 of us students and all of our teachers that helped us in producing (trying not to brag) our masterpiece.

The Choir At The Derngate-Francesca 6c

20 06 2016

On Monday and Thursday the choir sang at the Derngate. On Monday we sang 8 songs with lots of other choirs and children, there was even an adult choir. We all made a fantastic sound when we sang together as one big choir. I also want to say a massive well done to Chloe and Emanuel for doing amazing solos, you were both so brave.

northampton-royal-derngateThen on Thursday we sang one song called “I am a small part of the world” just by ourselves and then we sang “Hold back the river” with all the other children. There was a wide variety of talent that performed on that stage and the whole night for everyone was a breath taking experience!        logo_royalderngate


20 06 2016

With the upcoming of Kingswood and most of the children in year 6 and 5 going I just wanted to do this post to remind everyone of what will be going on and what will happen. Also if you have any questions about Kingswood go and ask Mr.Casey or Mrs.Gordon. First of all we will be doing a range of exciting activies ranging from the leap of faith to the disco in the evening. I am personally looking forward to the survival skills and well everything!

The three bits of information you must remember are: Your room number, Activity group letter and HAVE FUN!!!Kingswood

Literacy in Year 6 -Francesca 6C

18 04 2016

In Literacy, Year 6 have been doing some acting about all of the ranks in an Egyptian building site. At the top is the Scribe and at the bottom is the Water Boy. I was a water boy along with Harry. As well as there being Scribes and Water Boys there were also Workers, Overseers and Chisellers. Workers were in charge of pulling all of the great big chunks of stone to their destination. Overseers were in charge of making sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time and that everyone was doing the right job. Last but not least there were the Chisellers who shaped the rock in the into the right shape.

In Year 6 we were acting out a building site which was a little bit hard especially when we also had to show the right facial expression which had to go along with our part and our body movements.

Tutankhamun’s Tomb-Francesca 6C

15 04 2016

Have you ever wondered how found the youngest Pharaoh’s tomb? Well, now you will find out. Lets take a journey into the past, about 3,000 years back when the Pharaoh Tutankhamun was crowned at the age of 7! He was made King at the age of 7 and was told that he had to chose a bride. The girl he chose was his sister! Sadly, King Tut died at the age of 18 and was buried in the Land of the Kings.

Howard Carter,who was a painter at the time, wanted to become an archaeologist and wanted to find lots of Kings tombs. The Kings tomb that he really wanted to find was Tutankhamun’s tomb. He wanted to find it so bad that he spent loads of money and kept searching for 20 years! Imagine digging for 20 years and not finding anything. However his luck was about to change. One day a waterboy was taking his break when he discovered a step leading into the ground. He told Howard and suddenly he found 15 other steps. He had soon uncovered all of the steps and broken into a very special room called the antechamber where all of the things the king would need for the after life were kept. Then he found a sealed door leading to the kings burial chamber. He had soon found the kings mummy, all of his treasure and his golden mask. Here is a website about Howard Carter.                                                gold_mask_1336271015486

Cross Country – Bartosz 6F

14 04 2016

Before the Easter holidays, there was a Cross County tournament at Abington Park. Schools from all around the town participated. We had to do two large laps of half of Abington Park. The Year 5’s had to do one and a half and so did Year 4.

I came seventeenth out of around a hundred and fifty other children in Year 6. I reckon I did quite well. It was fun and we were gone from school for a whole morning. When we came back we had our lunch and carried on the school day in our cross country kit,as none of us apart from Ellis took our school uniform to school and even he didn’t have to change!


Egyptians-Francesca 6C

13 04 2016

Egyptian Facts

Egyptians were very civilised people and they worked in ranks. At the top was the Pharaoh who was king of all and at the bottom was the farmers. Egyptian towns would build their community around a river which was called the River Nile. This river would flood every year and create a black mud which is what the farmers would use to plant their crops in. These people would write in hieroglyphics instead of English like you and me. Each symbol would mean a different letter or sound, so it must of been really hard to remember them all. When a Pharaoh got married both of the people would promise each other that they would be killed when one of them died which was really unfortunate of king Tutankhamun’s bride because he died at the age of 18!

I hope some of the facts I have written were ones you didn’t know before.

egyiptan hiroglifics

The Egyptians – Kelsie 6F

12 04 2016

I have always been very intrigued by the Egyptians because in my opinion they are one of the most civilized ancient periods.  I have read many books, watched a couple of documentaries and been to a number of museums that had Egyptian artefacts on display.

Below are a few facts that you may not already know:-

  • The pyramids have been known to predict the future, such as they predicted the Crusification of Jesus Christ, which was thousands of years later.  The pyramids were in-line with the stars in order to do this.
  • The shape of the pyramids are said to preserve things such as bodies of animals.  The first person to discover this was Karel Drbal.
  • Mummy’s were treated very bizarrely before being buried.  They had all of their organs removed and the most important ones stored in canopic jars, which had stone animal heads as lids.
  • Egyptians wrote in complicated symbols which are known as hieroglyphs.  These were often carved into the stone walls of the tombs to ward off intruders for example grave robbers (who would like to steal their treasures).  These spoke of horrible curses and gruesome deaths for anyone who disturbed the kings or queens peace.

I am really looking forward to elaborating on this interesting topic; learning more about this remarkable race who lived thousands of years ago.