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Year 5 and 6 children who are interested in ICT attend an after school club called ‘FAB club’ which stands for film making, animation and blogging. Recently children have been using the school’s ipads and istopmotion programme to create animations with lego, plasticine and backdrops. Stop animation is painstaking work, moving characters, props and scenery in very small movements to build up a story. Students then added music, voice and titles.

They also spend a few weeks working on a coding programme called Scratch where they implement code to build online games. This fits into their ICT curriculum too. https://scratch.mit.edu/

The second part of each term, pupils use the iMovie programme to film each other talking to camera. Term one’s theme focussed on issues around the Eco-schools programme such as saving energy, water and recycling waste. The second term’s theme was creating a virtual school tour. Children are required to edit their films and add music, effects and transitions.

Check out their first animation attempts!

Term 3


Term 2

Term 1


This term we are learning how to use code to create online games using Scratch website: https://scratch.mit.edu

Every child has their own login and account and have been enjoying exploring the site and developing their own games. They have been experimenting with sprites, backgrounds, movement, sound, commands, events and all manner of codes.

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 20.26.17

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 20.30.38


23 responses to “FAB Club”

    4 11 2013
      08erin (19:10:26) :     Reply

    These are great. I love the adventures of Crabby By Mya and Ella.

    They are all amazing but the thing is that Vanessa’s has been put on twice but it is worth it it is great.

    7 11 2013
      Isla (19:33:25) :     Reply

    AWESOME!! My cops n robbers is up there. I’m on my iPod and I showed my mum and dad. They didn’t like it. THEY LOVED IT!!! But I gotta split the credit with my partner in this task. THNX JACK!!! 

    7 11 2013
      Isla (19:35:57) :     Reply

    Hey does anyone know when or if our iMovie trailers or projects are up because I would really like my family to see it!?
    If you know then please reply!?

      9 11 2013
        year5l (12:47:58) :     Reply

      It’s on the Fab club tab on Miss Letts’ blog, check out the animations, they’re great!

    8 11 2013
      Laura (16:15:06) :     Reply

    they are great but need a little bit more time to make it perfect

    22 11 2013
      kalonji (23:15:15) :     Reply

    All of the films were EPIC !!!! I showed some to my mum and she thought they were funny . The best was probably the adventures of crabby . It was AWESOME well done Ella W and Mya .

    27 11 2013
      08ruby (16:43:03) :     Reply

    I love these it must of taken ages to make these.

      5 06 2014
        tyrese (17:15:58) :     Reply

      your right about that Ruby, they took ages to get right.

    28 11 2013
      08erin (19:56:15) :     Reply

    no it only took a few weeks to make a few minute videos. You are sort of but not right. It did take a bit of time but not much.

    29 12 2013
      Isla (22:52:25) :     Reply

    Does anyone know if our iMovie things are going up to be shown? They must go up there!!!! THEY ARE ALL ”FAB”! Get it? Anyway they just have to go on the blog for they are all ”fab”.. Yea I shouldnt really use that word play… 

    14 02 2014
      Annie (21:01:04) :     Reply

    Loved all the videos, unfortunately my video which me Millie and Tadiwa made, didn’t get put up there because it went wrong. Oh well accident s happen, but still,well done to everyone. I especially Isla’s and jack’s! Keep up the good work!

    14 02 2014
      Isla (21:07:33) :     Reply

    Thnx Annie I appreciate it and Im sure Jack will too! sorry to hear about your vid. Bet it would’ve been a great vid though. Hope it gets on there soon and when it does LET ME KNOW!

    30 04 2014
      Annie (19:01:23) :     Reply

    I loved FAB club and all the videos so far are fabulous. The ones that the people in Fab club this term will make even better ones ( if that’s even possible) I’m sure of it. Keep up the good work!

    5 06 2014
      tyrese (17:43:41) :     Reply

    I think Fab club is the best place in the world to make animations

    27 06 2014
      kassidy (17:48:11) :     Reply

    Hey just watched my video again and loved it…
    Can someone please help me by telling me what the password is for Delapre Blogs i cant remember… I know my username is 07kassidy but i don’t know the password.. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    29 06 2014
      07benh (09:26:10) :     Reply

    When I went, FAB club was amazing I mean who can beat Miss Letts’ teaching?

    25 07 2014
      08gemma (08:36:56) :     Reply

    Thank you Miss Letts for running FAB club. I really enjoyed making the movies. Eventhough you get stressed out with the computers and ipads, your still the best ICT teacher ever.

      6 09 2014
        year5l (12:31:38) :     Reply

      Thanks Gemma, it was a fun club to do wasn’t it? you are all so creative, I liked seeing what you came up with. No computer rage this year!

    3 08 2014
      08ruby (16:26:19) :     Reply

    you cant decide which ones are the best because they are all amazing

    8 12 2014
      Lisa E. (20:36:19) :     Reply

    This is a friend of Miss Letts’ in New York, and I just wanted to say that these were all really fun to watch. The kid in my high school who fiddled around with video (back when it was a new technology) went on to become a successful film director, and even won an Academy Award. So keep it up, if you enjoy it–you never know where your interests may lead.

    9 03 2016
      Evelyn Clawson (00:15:48) :     Reply

    This is so inspiring for others to follow your great example! Your films are fantastic. i love the music you have chosen and your creative ideas and artwork. Well done – keep up the great work everyone!
    You can check out our blogs on

    E Clawson
    Science and Eco coordinator

    Brambleside Primary School,Kettering

    11 03 2016
      10graced (14:53:43) :     Reply

    That looks like fun
    From Grace

    21 09 2017
      Mr Warr Chair of Governors (15:39:15) :     Reply

    Brilliant work FAB club members, I can see that we have some budding film directors and animators at Delapre

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