This an open discussion forum where students can talk about topics they’re interested in and reflect on/evaluate what they’ve been learning about. Children need to use the expected literacy skills such as spelling and punctuation and show respect to others and their opinions.


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    20 11 2014
      Frankie (17:07:36) :     Reply

    Supermarkets use Pollock instead of Cod these days. Keep up the good work, Tesco!

      18 04 2016
        mrportrey (16:29:11) :     Reply

      Why is this the case? I have find trying to get hold of Skate very difficult. I wonder what the reasons are behind this? Does fish taste better the closer you are to the sea?

    26 11 2014
      James l (19:48:27) :     Reply

    I like athletics at the moment because it fun and my favourite one is Javilen,PB 14m 50cm

    26 11 2014
      James l (19:49:58) :     Reply

    I like maths at the moment because we are doing perimeter which is good fun

    19 02 2015
      Eli (11:47:49) :     Reply

    At the moment, we are doing persentage and I think it’s fun because it’s a puzzle!

    13 04 2016
      year6c (19:52:48) :     Reply

    I am really enjoying art at the moment because its also mixed in with a little bit of history.

      28 04 2016
        year6f (16:29:37) :     Reply

      Art is indeed interesting right now, year6c! Who is this?


    13 06 2016
      John Jesu (18:07:25) :     Reply

    Hi Guys i just wanted to pop in to say that I hope you have done sats well

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