Uranus Henley Barry 5DF

17 10 2018

Uranus is 280 degrees. Did you know that Uranus gets closer to the sun 6 miles per second?

Uranus has 27 moons!! Uranus has a sister Neptune. Uranus was the first planet discovered using a telescope.


Planet Earth By Ethan 5DF

16 10 2018

Mr Planet Earth

Planet Earth is the 3rd closest planet to The Sun. It takes 365 days for Earth to orbit the sun once and takes 24 hrs for it to rotate. Planet Earth has one moon called The Moon and it takes 27 days for it to orbit Planet Earth. This planet has 5 continents called North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. There are also 7 main oceans called The Pacific Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean, The Arctic Ocean, The Antarctic Ocean and The Indian Ocean. Did you know that some scientist say that the Earth was created by a star that exploded and all of the little particles of dust were then put together and formed our solar system? There are around 8 billion people living on our planet!


Mars- Abigail 5DF

15 10 2018

mars picture

Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. The planet is called the red planet because the rocks on Mars are red, making it that color. As the 4th planet away from the Sun, Mars is colder than Earth and also half the size of Earth too. When you look at Mars from a telescope, you will see white patches around it.


15 10 2018

Jupiter is so big you could fit one thousand Earths into it that means it would take around FOUR THOUSAND years to sail around it. WOW!!! Did you know the great red spot was a 300 year hurricane and it’s 2 times bigger than EARTH? My favorite moon is called Ganymede. Its the biggest moon ever, it’s even bigger than MERCUARY the planet.Jupiter-large-1-692x541

Mercury Amelie 5DF

15 10 2018

Mercury is the 2nd smallest planet. It is the closest planet to the Sun. Astronauts have past Mercury 3 times before. It is the most unknown planet. Mercury is dark grey.

mercury image

Jupiter Clara 5DF

15 10 2018

image Jupiter

We have been learning about planets, I learnt about Jupiter so I am going to tell you some facts.

  • Jupiter was named by the Romans.
  • Jupiter is the fourth brightest thing in space as it’s colours are very bright, it has shades of red, yellow and orange.
  • It makes one rotation every nine hours and fifty five minutes. That means we would only have Nine hours and fifty five minutes a day!
  • It was first noticed in the 7th or 8th century.
  • The weather in Jupiter is about -150 degrees, it would be way to cold for us to live there.
  • Jupiter is the biggest planet in space.

saturn Fabian 5df

15 10 2018

saturn image

Hello,in year five I am learning about Saturn in English and I would like to teach you about Saturn.

1.Did you know that Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system after  Neptune.

2.Saturn can float on water.

3.It weighs 95 times earth.

4.Saturn is the least dense planet in the universe.

5.Saturn has 62 moons.

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Mars: Lukas 5DF

15 10 2018


Mars is an interesting planet as it used to be one similar to earth but as you can see…. it’s not. So what happened? Mars is a scorched planet meaning it’s dry, dusty, hot and has similar traits to a dessert. This was caused by the sun as Mars was made to close so any life on Mars was burnt and there was a drought slowly killing any plants by the lack of water and throughout the years withering away and volcanoes making it “the red planet”. One of the volcanoes on Mars is called Olympus Mons, which is THREE TIMES AS BIG AS MT. EVEREST!!

Neptune~Nevina 5DF

15 10 2018

Neptune is the 9th planet in our Solar System. It is also the windiest planet in our Solar System, as it can reach wind speeds of 2173 mph. Inside, on the core, Neptune can reach up to 7000 degrees (Celsius) but outside on the surface it can get to -219 degrees (Celsius).


When an Astronomer, Galeo,  first discovered it in 1636 he thought it was a star, because of its slow orbit. In 1845 some other mathematical Astronomers  discovered it and finally qualified it as a Planet.

Saturn-Amy 5DF

15 10 2018

Amy's Picture of Saturn

Saturn is a gas planet and it is most famous for it’s rings, made out of ice crystals, the rings are so big a car would take a week to drive across it’s width and, you can actually grow old going there. Although, Saturn is so big scientists say that it could float on water! Unlike Earth, Saturn has 60 moons and one of the moons are named Titan and people think that humans could live on Titan because it has a dense atmosphere and clouds, like Earth. Saturn is the 6th planet away from the sun and it is 4.503 billion years old!! It is really cold and it can get colder than -178 degrees celcius. Amazingly, you can clearly see Saturn’s rings from your bedroom.