Year 5 homework



SPAG songs

 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar songs:



Adverbs (rock and roll):






Homonyms (monkey):

Homophones (their, there, they’re):

Homophones (their, there, they’re):

Homophones (too, two, to):


Word types (adverbs, nouns, adjectives):


The Grammar song:



Maths homework online: RM easimaths


In year 5, children are set homework for maths on the Internet. They will already be familiar with using RM Maths, (now called RM easimaths) a programme the school uses to track and assess pupil progress in various areas of numneracy.


This programme can now be accessed at home. Some weeks, we will be setting your child a 20-30 minute task to work on this programme as their homework. The level of work is set at your child’s ability.


The website address is: click on the login tab in the top right hand corner and this screen will open.




Username: 09smithp (09 then surname then first initial of first name)

09smithp @ Delapre

Password: 09

It would be worth adding the web address into your favourites bar and making a note of your child’s login information. The sound needs to be turned on or headphones used.


Children are expected to work independently on tasks which will be entered into the computer programme automatically so staff can see their scores and monitor progress. Any issues of concern can then be addressed in class. Staff will be able to check online that homework has been done and how much time was spent doing it.


If you do not have a computer at home, children are welcome to use the school’s ICT suite during the weekly homework club held on a Wednesday lunchtime.


General maths games



These are useful for additional maths homework and support what’s being taught in school. Some of them require flash player or other software but you should be able to access many of them. Catchy times tables and other maths songs can be found by searching online too, particularly from the ‘Rockin the standards’ rock group. Please supervise your child if they are searching the internet.

Times tables homework help

When practising your tables, have a go at some of these online games for children. But make sure you challenge yourself by choosing some of the harder tables and don’t cheat! If you get stuck, think about what you do know and go from there.




408 responses to “Year 5 homework”

    21 04 2013
      Mr Portrey (21:26:23) :     Reply

    I’m interested to see what other stories you all will be covering and which ones you all like the best (with reasons). Let me know.

    23 04 2013
      07lily (18:48:53) :     Reply

    Cool film

      25 04 2013
        07isla (09:01:40) :     Reply


      25 04 2013
        07abigail (09:37:46) :     Reply

      It is a cool film isn’t it lily

    25 04 2013
      Mya (09:01:57) :     Reply

    I really don’t like this video. The voices are annoying, the characters look stupid and the storyline is pretty lame.

      27 04 2013
        07alishba (09:05:56) :     Reply


    25 04 2013
      07kiitan (09:02:16) :     Reply

    I think anansi is mischievous but I also think he learns from his mistakes because when he was trying to steal all the wisdom in the world he realised that wisdom is best shared

      26 04 2013
        07annie (08:18:59) :     Reply

      I agree but Anansi doesn’t,always learn from his mistakes. Like in Anansi and the turtle there isn’t really a lesson to be learnt.

        26 04 2013
          07kalen (08:41:23) :     Reply

        Well of course I did

    25 04 2013
      07kalen (09:06:40) :     Reply

    Anansi is a cruel and disrespectfull person,He can always have an appetite.
    I mildly hate him because he’s always tricking people.
    I know this story is from another culture because of his accent and clothing.
    They teach us not to be selfish and greedy,and to respect others.

    25 04 2013
      Mya (09:09:35) :     Reply

    Anansi is a half human half spider thing who is always tricking poor, helpless, gullible animals. He often gets tricked back by the stronger characters because they often think outside the box. Anansi denies everything, has a bad attitude, tries to change the subject when he gets found out and is very cocky. I quite like I’m though because he isn’t boring and he is quite clever too. In a way… He’s a bit like me!

      26 04 2013
        07tanisa (08:14:45) :     Reply

      Well, that’s quite true…

    25 04 2013
      07tanisa (09:10:42) :     Reply

    Anansi is a manipulative character. He was created to show children that you should share, give…etc.

    Anansi stories are from a different country and culture because in the videos and stories they mention things we haven’t heard of or we’re not familiar with.

    To watch one of the videos, why don’t you click on the play button above? Anansi is a horrible friend; well he isn’t even an actual friend.

    I wouldn’t want to meet Anansi!

    25 04 2013
      07rubymae (09:12:17) :     Reply

    Anansi is a very horrible character indeed! He’s very greedy, and never puts others before himself. He acts very disrespectful to his friends and family; always tricking them.

    My opinion of this cruel character is that he’s very manipulative, and very cocky. I think he’s a very arrogant person, and I think he’s going to lose many friends.

    This story is from another culture. I know this because of the fact that it’s usually very hot, and the clothing is very different: special patterned hats bands clothes, e.t.c.

    These Anansi stories teach us not to be selfish and greedy, to share with others, and to think of others before yourself.

      25 04 2013
        07isla (09:45:05) :     Reply

      Yes a very agreeable statement! And a horrible character indeed!

    25 04 2013
      07regan (09:12:51) :     Reply

    He’s an African spider he’s from Jamaica who tricks everyone. Anansi anansi why are you such a trickster? Anansi is a ugly secretive trickster if he tricked me I’d just stamp on him and laugh.

    25 04 2013
      07kathryn (09:15:36) :     Reply

    Anansi is a disrespectful character,he does not care about his innocent, naive friends ; he is also a greedy character but when he has revenge he will sometimes get revenge back like the vide above is where Anansi gets revenge off turtle . All his stories are based on food ; he is also a very immature spider and extremely rude. My opinion is that Anansi is a cheek character because why would someone actually try and steal food . I know this story is from a different culture because of the language and some of the clothes they wear and the weather . Anansi stories teach us to not be greedy ; eat others food plus his stories teach you that if you be naughty to others you may sometimes get revenge .

    Thanks for reading 🙂

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:40:25) :     Reply

      You have analysed the Anansi stories thoroughly Kathryn, well explained.

    25 04 2013
      07annie (09:16:06) :     Reply

    Anansi stories have all kinds of morals depending on the story, like Anansi and the turtle the moral is what goes around comes back around. These stories are set in Africa and Jamaica,and are supposed to help children to behave. In the stories Anansi is a terrible trickster and is incredibly selfish. The other animals are too gullible to realise this. I think that Anansi is a greedy and immature character and I know that he is from a different culture because in most of the stories he is in a hot climate.

      25 04 2013
        07isla (09:43:29) :     Reply

      Your comment is definitely true Anansi!!! I wounded if it does help the children in Africa Jamaica and America’s education much? I’m gonna try and find that out!!

        26 04 2013
          07annie (08:30:55) :     Reply

        Good idea Isla , I wonder what you’ll find out, Infact I will try that myself!!!

        26 04 2013
          year5l (17:45:32) :     Reply

        Isla, do you take these stories as a warning?

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:41:18) :     Reply

      Do you think these stories do make children behave?

    25 04 2013
      07benk (09:16:22) :     Reply

    Anansi is a selfish half spider- half man. He tricks the weak and flimsy animals which are in a way pathetic. Anansi is very cocky and LOVES food as if it was his children. The stories are like fables and most of them have morales like “treat others like you would expect to be treated” I know the stories are from a different culture because of his accent, the clothes,and the houses that the animals live in also the sort of food they eat e.g yams, rice pots,and pot roast, beans.

    25 04 2013
      07millie (09:16:34) :     Reply

    We have been learning about the trickster of all African/Jamaican stories , Anansi ! He always tricks his guillable fellow villagers and sometimes he gets tricked back . The Anansi stories teach lessons such as : sharing , greed and selfishness. I know that it’s from another culture because some of traditions are different to our British traditions such as : anyone who comes to the door at dinner time has to be given food!

      26 04 2013
        07rubymae (08:41:08) :     Reply

      He is definetly a nasty piece of work! I really liked yours.

    25 04 2013
      07decklyn (09:16:41) :     Reply

    Anansi is a trickster to remember,he tends to trick gullible sweet and innocent people mainly about food. He doesn’t care what could happen he always tricks someone and never stops and I don’t think he ever will because he never has so why should he now? Anansi is a selfish,stubborn and mildly mean character. I know Anansi stories come from other countries because of the foods they eat and the things they wear. We are taught to be friendly,polite and down to earth people

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:45:04) :     Reply

      I like the word gullible, what does it mean? Can you explain?

    25 04 2013
      07benh (09:16:54) :     Reply

    Anansi is a trickster he tricks everyone. All of Anansi’s friends are so gullible. Turtle, one of Anansi’s friends got his revenge by inviting Anansi to his under water house and spiders are small and light so he can’t go under water. I know this is from another culture because of the Kenti-cloth on Anansi’s head. And also Anansi eats something called yams

    25 04 2013
      07kiitan (09:16:55) :     Reply

    Anansi is chilled and he tries to avoid being known as bad. He tries to trick weak and foolish people. His tricks don’t normally work because there is a story about An old witch called five and everyone kept on making fun of her so she made a spell that anyone that said five would go invisible. Then Anansi found out about this and told people to count five yam hills then they disappeared. When duck came she said she didn’t know and Anansi said five and disappeared.

      25 04 2013
        07isla (09:28:01) :     Reply

      I like your information about Anansi Kiitan!!! That has given me a few ideas. So thanks.

    25 04 2013
      07kalonji (09:16:57) :     Reply

    Anansi is the cockiest guy in the world he is greedy , sneaky and he’s half man – half spider . Anansi is from the Caribbean and Africa he’s exactly like my friend . I think he’s really cool . He picks on turtle .

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:41:48) :     Reply

      How is he like your friend? Do they act in a similar way?

    25 04 2013
      07daanyal (09:17:12) :     Reply

    Anansi is an ignorant spider, who tricks people. He is very, very nasty and he tricks pathetic naive animals. I think he is a big fat man-spider(Spider-Man maybe). I think this because most off his story’s contain food!!!!!!!!!! The story is set in a different country because it has food that I have never heard off. The story teaches us valuable life lessons like sharing is careing.

      26 04 2013
        07kathryn (08:35:03) :     Reply

      If he’s fat then how would he be spider man

    25 04 2013
      07ebony (09:24:40) :     Reply

    Anansi is a made up character from the Caribbean and Africa. He is a spider-man who loves to eat food and play tricks on all the other animals (they are all very gullible).
    Anansi is very self centred and I sincerely hate him.
    I know these stories are from another culture because of their accents, the kind of clothes they wear, plus the foods they eat.
    These stories teach us that we shouldn’t be greedy, share and be kind to everyone.

      26 04 2013
        07isla (08:38:35) :     Reply

      It’s not all from the Caribbean Ebony. Some of them are from America as well!!!!!!!

    25 04 2013
      07alishba (09:26:05) :     Reply

    Anansi is an inconsistent little selfish spider,I think Anansi is horrible because he just goes tricking weak and innocent Animals. I know these stories are from different cultures because Anansi wears a Kenti cloth which is full of colourful patterns.These stories are teaching us that life is a bit like a boomerang you say something mean it comes back at you.

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:42:28) :     Reply

      I like the boomerang similie, the stories do teach us that you should treat people as you want to be treated don’t they?

    25 04 2013
      07isla (09:26:33) :     Reply

    In my literacy set we are working on a selfish spider named Anansi. This spider is always up to something, which would usually be either tricking the other gullible pathetic animals or eating loads and loads of food! He is so greedy that he once was invited to 3 lunches on the same day, and said yes to all of them! He told the kind animals that he would tie a piece of string around his waste and that they must take the other end. They would then have to pull it when lunch is ready; but in the end this very greedy spider ended up with a tiny stomach! You see, It was because all of the animals where pulling at the same time and Anansi didn’t expect them to be ready at the same time; he ended up with no lunch at all! I think the moral was not to waste your appetite on everything. Thank you for reading and I will be back with more information soon!

      26 04 2013
        07annie (08:36:00) :     Reply

      I agree with your moral Isla and that is why spiders have tiny waists, isn’t it. We also know this story was from a different culture because of the foods in the lunches, one was yams and beans, the other was spaghetti and meat balls! Two completely different culture foods.

        26 04 2013
          07isla (08:40:31) :     Reply

        Yeah I forgot to say about the cultures!

    25 04 2013
      07kassidy (09:27:50) :     Reply

    Anansi is a cruel,selfish,stubborn person.
    Anansi is a trickster he tricks people mostly for food.
    I think Anansi is sweet and loving when he wants to be.
    Anansi has a Jamaican accent. He also mentions and eats yams.
    I learnt to treat people the way you want to be treated.
    My favourite Anansi story is ‘Anansi and the Turtle’ because Anansi get tricked as well.
    Thanks for reading!

      26 04 2013
        07kathryn (08:38:12) :     Reply

      My favourite story is anansi goes to lunch

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:43:00) :     Reply

      It is quite fitting that Anansi gets tricked too isn’t it? Do you think he deserves it?

    25 04 2013
      07jessican (09:28:51) :     Reply

    Anansi is a cocky and immature half spider-half human and tricks anyone he goes past; mainly the weak. Anansi has NO friends.
    My opinion of Anansi is that he is a arrogant lazy little spider and I think he deserved being turned into a spider because he tricks everyone. My favourite story is Anansi and the turtle.

    25 04 2013
      07jonathan (09:28:54) :     Reply

    Anansi is a cruel and disrespectful trickster; he doesn’t care about others, only himself. My opinion on him is nice tricks but he has to know when to tone it. I think that because he can sometimes be over the top. I know it’s from another country because of the way he dresses and the way he talks; and the background in the country.

    25 04 2013
      07louise (09:30:19) :     Reply

    In Literacy we’ve been learning about Anansi. He is a trickster and always has been. After some time the people got fed up with him tricking them. After that he was turned into a half man half spider. This did not stop him tricking others. We have watched and read different versions of Anansi.

    I think he is selfish and stubborn. He talks with bad attitude plus he is very sarcastic. I know these things are true because in the stories he wants all the wisdom in the world. Another reason he is selfish is he wants the story box so he tricks the animals that he is to take to the sky-god.

    I know this is from a different culture according to the food they ate: yams, pot roast, melon, rice and beans. My favourite Anansi story is: Anansi and the Turtle. There is a video above of it so press that play button and enjoy watching an adventure of Anansi! 🙂

    25 04 2013
      07isobel (09:30:35) :     Reply

    Here is my opinion of Anansi:

    Anansi is a cocky , cheeky , arrogant spider. He is always tricking the innocent , calm , weak animals in the story. I don’t like him because he is selfish and mean for no reason , however he does learn from his mistakes ,and that makes him a better person. I know the story comes from another country because of his accent and clothes. The story’s teach us things such as don’t be greedy, share with others , good things will come back to you etc.

      25 04 2013
        07isla (09:36:49) :     Reply

      I like your opinion of Anansi Isobel good description to!!

      26 04 2013
        07annie (08:39:59) :     Reply

      I agree with your opinion izzy, he is selfish, greedy and sly too. The poor villagers don’t know what’s hit them!

    25 04 2013
      07emilym (09:30:56) :     Reply

    Anansi is a untruthful, greedy little man-spider who is very greedy. He loves food more than his children and wife, and is a trickster. Anansi tricks the gullible, weak and innocent. I know that his stories are from a different culture because he eats food that we don’t tend to have here, in England.
    The Anansi stories try to teach young children how to lead a good life.
    My favourite Anansi story is Anansi and the Turtle, because Anansi actually gets tricked! Well done, Turtle!

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:43:25) :     Reply

      I agree! He did deserve it didn’t he?

    25 04 2013
      07isla (09:31:46) :     Reply


    25 04 2013
      07kalen (09:32:29) :     Reply

    So yeah

    25 04 2013
      07tyler (09:33:35) :     Reply

    I think Anansi is a cruel,selfish,rude cocky spider that always wants his own way.He tricks people to get their stuff when he hasn’t been asked to.
    I think Anansi should treat people with more respect.
    I have learned don’t trick people or they will trick you in return.
    I know Anansi is from a different country because of his accent.

    25 04 2013
      07abigail (09:35:02) :     Reply

    I think Anansi is a cheeky ,self-centred ,arrogant trickster. Normally in the stories he plays a trick on other characters. Anansi is from the carribean islands and Jamaica .most of the morals are about not being selfish and get ready for something bad to happen to you.

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:43:44) :     Reply

      Do you think children would take warning from the stories?

    25 04 2013
      07ellaw (09:37:20) :     Reply

    There is a mishchivious little half human half spider living with his family in a small cottage, Anansi. His arrogant mind is allways thinking of more tricks to get much more food. His hobby is being crafty and tricking his gullible friends. I feel Anansi is a rude blagger and has no respect for his friends. Anansi wears a centi cloth on his head and has a jamaican accent. His stories teach us about the unfairness in life!

      26 04 2013
        year5l (17:44:35) :     Reply

      Unfairness? Do you mean that sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to and there’s not much you can do to change it? (A bit like being tricked?)

    25 04 2013
      07alishba (09:40:18) :     Reply

    Anansi is a inconsistent little selfish spider, I don’t like Anansi because he just goes round tricking weak and innocent animals,

    I know these are from different cultures because Anansi wears a Kenti cloth that is full of patterns.

    All these stories teach us that life is bait like a boomerang if u be mean it comes back at you!!

    25 04 2013
      07kiitan (16:08:55) :     Reply

    Hi Tanisa. Can we discuss about whether anansi is a good or bad character?

      8 05 2013
        Tanisa (15:30:44) :     Reply

      Okay, well he is obviously a bad character because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. If you were one of his ‘victims’ how would you feel?

    26 04 2013
      07isla (08:32:36) :     Reply

    Ok the Anansi clip is starting to do my heading now and the voices are quite irritating!!!

    8 05 2013
      daanyal (14:40:38) :     Reply

    5 words from different cultures

    .Pakora Indian snack

    .Judo self deffence

    .Sahri Indian dress

    .Lepricorn Irish man fairy

    .dhoi Indian cloth

      10 05 2013
        year5l (16:52:07) :     Reply

      You need more detail here please Daanyal, please look at this again. Tell me a little more about these words, where they came from and how they are used.

    8 05 2013
      Decklyn (15:40:35) :     Reply


    These are the words I found from different languages:

    Pizza is a word from Italy that is an open pie coated with food.

    De Ja Vu is an illusion of an experience that you have encountered.

    Sabbath is a Jewish religious place like a church for Jewish people.

    Hamburger is a German word that means a fried cake with beef inside.

    Tomato is an Arabic word that is a red or yellow fleshy edible fruit.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (16:51:11) :     Reply

      Have you ever experienced deja vu? I have a few times, it’s very weird. Good facts.

    8 05 2013
      Tanisa (15:54:50) :     Reply

    Pyjamas is from India and are clothes that you wear to bed.

    Hurricane is from Spain and it’s a violent storm with a strong wind

    Coffee is an Arabic word and is a hot drink made from bean like seeds of a topical shrub: a pale brown colour

    Troll is from one of the Scandinavian languages and is a far-fatched character and is used in children’s books

    Arpeggio is an Italian word and is a musical term

    That was my homework!

      10 05 2013
        year5l (16:50:28) :     Reply

      Do you believe in trolls? In Norway there are statues everywhere! They tell stories to children about scary trolls to make them behave. Isn’t it funny how an item of clothes (pyjamas) can appear in one country then gradually many countries adopt the custom.

        13 05 2013
          07tanisa (16:38:58) :     Reply

        Yes, i agree. I would’ve guessed the word troll was from Scandinavia, it sounds like a Scandinavian word.

    8 05 2013
      Alishba (17:03:23) :     Reply

    Homework Alishba
    Italy: balcony used to stand on and look
    German: kitchen used to cook in
    Chinese: ketchup used as an ingredient or sauce
    Hindi: pyjamas used to sleep in
    Arabic: mousque to pray in
    Sanskrit: avatar like a person you create on a game
    Persian: check means you see if its alright or good
    That was my homework!!!

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:55:05) :     Reply

      I think you have got a bit muddled when doing this task, please have another look. When explaining Persian, this is an area, a collection of countries that no longer has this name.

    8 05 2013
      shelley brown (18:14:19) :     Reply

    Alligator is Spanish,
    Spaghetti is Itallian,
    Coconut is Portuguese,
    Hamburger is German,
    cookie is Dutch

    By Shelley.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:53:34) :     Reply

      Obviously the meaning of these words is clear but could you find another words that is really interesting/different to explain?

    8 05 2013
      benk (19:13:59) :     Reply


    words from other cultures are

    greek: marathon. is a long race.

    france: quiche is like a pie sort of thing

    france: deja vu a memory of being somewhere or doing something

    forte: musical term for loud. the symbol is a small f above the music (latin)

    crescendo: musical term for gradually getting louder (latin)

    hart: old english for a deer.

    well thats all folks haha

    that was my homework.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:52:43) :     Reply

      Have you seen pubs called “The White Hart”? There are a lot in England, named after the male deer. How long is the marathon exactly? We learned this when we did a topic on the Greeks last term.

    8 05 2013
      07ella (20:11:21) :     Reply

    – Cafe is a French word and it means coffee house ( a restraint that sells coffee and other hot beverages.)
    – Pizza is an Italian word and it means a flat, open faced pie.
    – Barbecue is a Caribbean word and it means “sacred fire pit.” The word is an open oven for cooking meat, with a wooden platform resting on sticks.
    – Umbrella is an Italian word it means a light portable body cover that protects you from harsh weather.
    – Pyjamas is an Indian word and it means night clothes that you wear to bed.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:51:43) :     Reply

      Do you mean restaurant? A restraint is something completely different! I like your description of BBQ, the English sometimes treat it as sacred don’t they?! As it’s not often the weather is good enough to get it out.

    8 05 2013
      07millie (20:15:54) :     Reply

    Millie’s Homework:

    A Cookie is a small doughy snack that originates in the Dutch language.

    A sofa is a soft , spongey chair which alows two people or more to lounge on that originates in the Arabian language.

    A bungalow is a one floored house that originates in the Indian language.

    Tea is a hot drink that originates in the Chinese language.

    A hurricane is a vicious storm which sucks up it’s obstacles that originates in the Spanish language.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:50:09) :     Reply

      How would you describe ‘lounging’? I would have thought that cookie was American but obviously the Dutch were making them before the Americans.

    9 05 2013
      Jessica (09:17:40) :     Reply

    Dutch:They gave us words for sailing like skipper and dam
    Greek:They gave us words like scientific.
    Norman:castle cauldron, kennel, catch and cater
    Indian: pyjamas, bungalow, verandah, jungle, curry and shampoo
    Spanish:(Cariban: cannibal, hurricane; Mescalero: apache; Nahuatl: tomato, coyote, chocolate; Quechua: potato
    French:domineer, ketone, loggia, lotto, mariachi, monsignor, oboe, paella, panzer, picayune, ranch, vendue, veneer

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:49:03) :     Reply

      You have a good list here Jessica but can you please choose a few words to explain what they mean?

    9 05 2013
      Louise (10:04:32) :     Reply

    Quecha :potato this word is Arabic.
    Piano : play instrument quietly it is an Italian word.
    Nahuatl : tomato a mexican word.
    Taino : tobaco Spanish
    Amen : I agree it is a hebrew word.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:48:22) :     Reply

      I didn’t know some of these words Louise, very interesting.

    9 05 2013
      Decklyn (10:09:27) :     Reply


    Sabbath is a Hebrew word that is a day of the week set aside for religious worship and rest from work.

    Tomato is an Arabic word that is a fleshy red,orange or yellow fruit.

    Jubillee is a Hebrew word that is a special anniversary of a significant event.

    Hamburger is a German word that is a flat round cake with finely chopped Beef inside.

    Gondola is an Itallian word that is a long flat boat.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:47:49) :     Reply

      Have you ever seen orange and yellow tomatoes? I know they exists but aren’t that common in England are they? I wonder if they taste any differently?

    9 05 2013
      Kalen (10:10:29) :     Reply

    .Political. law,and order from France.
    .Normal. average,the same from the Normans.
    .Origin. the start or where something begins,from the Spanish. means something is a cure, or can help someone in a medical way.
    .Unbrella.also known as ombrella in italy,it means it protects you from the rain.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:46:53) :     Reply

      Good explanations Kalen, where is ‘medical’ from?

    9 05 2013
      Regan (10:24:47) :     Reply


    Banana- is from Czech Republic and it means a tree like plant.

    Yacht- is from the Netherlands and it means a small boat.

    Piano- is from Italy and it means a musical instrument.

    Curry- is from India and it means a food.

    Judo- is from Japan and it means a sport.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:46:09) :     Reply

      There is another meaning for piano, do you know what it is? Found in music. You need to write 3 more please as banana, judo and curry we did in class already.

        15 05 2013
          benk (19:11:53) :     Reply

        piano means quiet. mp in music means modaratley quiet 🙂

    9 05 2013
      kassidy (15:13:57) :     Reply

    Words From Different Cultures.
    1.The word ‘Blitz’ comes from Germany. It means lightning it was used to describe the bombing in WWII.
    2.The word ‘Salsa’ comes from Spain. It means sauce,it is used as a dip.
    3.The word ‘Baguette’ comes from France,it means a narrow loaf of bread which has a crisp edge.
    4.The word ‘Rottweiler’ comes from Germany,it means a breed of dog also used as pets.
    5.The word ‘Cafe’ comes from France it means a coffee shop we use to socialise.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:45:13) :     Reply

      Thank you for explaining these words so fully, do you know another meaning of the words Salsa? It’s not just a dip.

        13 05 2013
          kassidy (15:47:59) :     Reply

        Yes, it is also a Dance.

    9 05 2013
      Ben H (15:14:21) :     Reply

    Yan Tan Terthera means a system of counting sheep. Celtic.

    Military is an army base. French.

    Sky is Scandinavian and it is very high in the air.

    Pizza is Italian and it is a hot food.

    Sailing is Dutch and that is what you do if you are on a cruise.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:44:32) :     Reply

      You have found a range of words from different places and explained what they mean, well done.

    9 05 2013
      Kiitan (16:21:59) :     Reply

    Hamburger- Germany

    Tomato- Arabic

    Banana- African

    Tea- china

    Animal- Latin

    Data- Latin

    December- Latin

    Word Meaning Notes
    Easter goddess of Spring A Christian festival.
    Friday A day of the week – from ‘Frigga’, wife of the god Odin.
    Thursday A day of the week – from ‘Thor’, the god of thunder.
    Tuesday A day of the week – from ‘Tiw’, the god of war.
    Wednesday A day of the week – from ‘Odin’, the god of inspiration.
    Welsh speakers of a strange language The Celtic, pre-Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of Wales.
    Yule The Christian festival of Christmas.

    The last ones are from the Anglo -Saxon time.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:42:14) :     Reply

      This is really excellent work Kiitan, you have come up with a theme related to Roman gods. You have also included a range of words from different countries.

      10 05 2013
        Regan (16:51:21) :     Reply

      What do those mean kiitan but good work.

    9 05 2013
      Abigail Welsh (17:39:03) :     Reply

    *Biro (Hungarian) From Lazio Biro the Hungarian inventor of the biro pen. Biro originally means judge.
    *Kaput (German) Something broken and without use.
    *Ghoul (Arabic) An evil spirit who purportedly robs graves and devours corpses.
    *Mammoth (Russian) Large hairy extinct elephant, as an adjective we use to describe something of a great size.
    *Cot (Hindi) Small bed for babies or small children.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:41:07) :     Reply

      I didn’t know that the biro came from Hungary and that it had another meaning, good.

    9 05 2013
      Jonathan (18:04:14) :     Reply

    Thanatos :This is the Greek word for death it is pronounced Than-a-tos.

    Opsis: This is a Greek word meaning sight.

    Embargo: This is a Spanish word it is from Spain meaning a strong diplomatic measure imposed in an effort.

    Hallelujah: This is a word that religious people use in their prayers this is Hebrew meaning ‘Praise our god’

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:40:21) :     Reply

      You have explained the meaning of these words thoroughly, good job.

    9 05 2013
      kalonji (18:27:37) :     Reply

    Scandinavia gave us the words sky , troll and geyser . Norman gave us words such as castle , kennel , cater , mug , cauldron and catch . Latin gave scientific words like medical terminology, academic and legal terminology . Germany gave us words like rucksack, hamburger and wanderlust . Persia gave the words pyjamas, bungalow, jungle. curry and shampoo .

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:39:37) :     Reply

      What do some of these words mean Kalonji? You haven’t explained this. Please finish and make sure you complete homework fully.

    9 05 2013
      07rubymae (19:39:24) :     Reply

    The words i found were:

    Lickety-split- as fast as you can. It was made in the early 19th century.

    Perforated means paper or material has small holes in it.

    Preposterous- completely contrary to nature. It’s origin is latin, and it was made in 1535.

    Oylet-a small hole, usually round. It was made in1350, and it’s origin is middle england.

    Goodwill- meanskind- hearted, friendly e.t.c. It was middle english.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (10:38:59) :     Reply

      Great word lickety split, it is also the name of a toy pony “My little Pony” series in the 1980s! You have researched some bizarre words, well done.

    10 05 2013
      Mya (07:09:11) :     Reply

    Here are my 5 words and their meanings; I couldn’t find what country they were from so I am going to put the words into a sentence instead.

    Frenetic: frenetic means uncontrollable and excited. E.g. My friend Jazmyn is very frenetic (the excited way 😉 ! )
    Galumph: galumph means leaping and moving informally or clumsily. E.g I like to galumph about for a laugh sometimes.
    Pillage: To pillage is to steal something by violence. E.g. In war, soldiers would pillage by command but if they got caught, they were slaughtered. 🙂
    Squaw: A squaw is a native American woman. E.g. someone in the world probably would have a squaw in their family.
    Taxidermy: taxidermy is a type of art where you stuff animal skins to make a realistic looking animal. E.g. my granddad used to be a taxidermist.
    Vie: To compete with somebody. E.g. If you enter a competition you have to vie to win.
    I used a ‘Collins English dictionary’ so I couldn’t find the country they were from.

      10 05 2013
        year5l (07:41:37) :     Reply

      I like the word galumph! You don’t hear it much do you? I think we should use it more in everyday talk, let’s see if we can. You have carried out some excellent research here Mya, well done, I have learnt a lot from you.

    10 05 2013
      Ebony (10:04:16) :     Reply






      10 05 2013
        year5l (16:54:33) :     Reply

      This needs improvement Ebony, you can do much better. Explanation of the words are needs and some interesting facts. Please re-do.

    13 05 2013
      kalonji (11:51:58) :     Reply

    Sky is a Scandinavian word meaning in the air. Castle is a Norman word meaning fortified building. Rucksack a German means a type of bag that bikers crry on their backs . Jungle is a Persian word meaning wild overgrown tropical vegitation.

    13 05 2013
      louise (17:11:06) :     Reply

    How the hamster got so small

    Hamster was plump after a huge meal of ham. He decided to have a quick snooze when he heard the cheerful whistle of hippo. As he came round the corner he cried in delight to Hamster, “Hello! My you’re looking plump for this time of year!” Hamster questioned him at this remark, “Why, what time of year is it?” ” It is Lent of course; when we don’t eat a certain food.” Then Hippo went on his way. Hamster decided to have a go at Lent. Now what food to pick…………

    After a long 3 minutes, and some strenuous decision-making, Hamster chose ham. To start, he cooked up some vegetables for a vegetarian stew. He decided that Lent wouldn’t be so difficult. Maybe he could change the menu occasionally and have a vegetarian meal. The other animals were finding their fasting harder, but still kept going and tried to avoid temptation.

    As he went on, Hamster grew smaller and smaller and smaller. After 3 years of Lent, Hippo visited Hamster. He asked what he was making for tea and Hamster replied ” A vegetable curry.” Hippo laughed and exclaimed “But then you won’t have ham in it!” Hamster answered “Of course not. That would mean I’m not fasting anymore!” Hippo cried “But Lent is long gone, it’s Christmas now!”. ” Oh does that mean I can eat ham again?” said Hamster eagerly. ” I’m afraid not; you’ll have to go on being vegetarian.” Hippo whispered. That is why Hamster is so small.

      17 05 2013
        07tanisa (22:07:13) :     Reply

      Cool story! I like how you chose to include ‘lent’ in, very original! 🙂

      19 05 2013
        year5l (15:47:10) :     Reply

      Do you mean that hamster didn’t know when lent had finished? So he accidentally ended up fasting (from ham) for longer than he needed to? Why did he have to go on being vegetarian when he found this out? I like the term ‘strenuous decision making’! sounds tricky. Original idea, good use of speech.

    14 05 2013
      Isla (11:44:16) :     Reply

    Wolf had heard the bang and rustle of leaves and was curiouse and eager to find out what the noise was. So he bounded out off his den thinking the bang was an animal of pray but only found a strange shaped bottle full of liquidl.”Just my luck!,” thought the wolf “This will save me walking down to the river,” and with that he pulled the cork out with his teeth and began to drink. Within 2 minutes the bottle was empty and the wolf removed his teeth from the bottle top. The wolf suddenly felt a funny itchy tickleing pain in his throat. Then he started to feel dizzy. All of the forest animals surrounded him and laughed. The chipmunks squeaked,The mouse snorted,The magpies chirped,The squirrels spat their nuts and acorns out at him,The moles had to burry their heads under the mud to stop laughing. But then wolf began to slow down and stop before him he could see the other forest animals laughing at him. He began to curl in his head then bring it back up and let out a blood curdleing howl that made the chip[munks fall of the tree. Even mouse the forest king was amazed. When he had fineshd the animals cheered and said “WOW” or “that was AMAZING” but mostly “do it AGAIN”. “I could get used to this,” thought wolf.
    The End

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:34:49) :     Reply

      I like the idea of the wolf drinking a magic potion, you have described the laughing animals well. I can’t wait to read the rest of the story, good effort Isla and good to see you getting so inspired.
      You need to check your spellings please, there are some easy mistakes here – if you write on a word document first, you can use the spell check.

    14 05 2013
      Decklyn (11:58:56) :     Reply

    My Homework- Monkey see Monkey doo

    One day monkey saw a bannana and then another Monkey saw the bannana, took it and ate it. Monkey was sad ,he had no bannana. So monkey went to find another bannana and he did so he ate it . One day monkey saw a monkey swinging on a vine so he tried to swing on a vine. But he fell off . But monkey persisted and it took him 100 goes to do it . He was proud of himself .

    That is why monkey’s swing on vines.

      19 05 2013
        year5l (15:44:58) :     Reply

      I think you need to put a little more effort in Decklyn, your story could have been expanded to make it more interesting and detailed. Perhaps some description on how determined monkey was to get the hang of vine swinging. Good idea to use a saying (Monkey say monkey do) as the starting point for your story. This saying means to watch someone do something then copy. Did monkey watch a different animals swing on vines first?

    14 05 2013
      Isobel (16:52:46) :     Reply

    Homework, set Monday 13.5.13 due Thursday 16.5.13

    My just so story:

    Why Elephants have big ears

    Long ago, all of the elephants in the world had small ears.This tells the story of how Dumbo the elephant got his gigantic ears.

    One day , Dumbo was walking through the jungle when he happened to bump into Ribbit the frog. ” Hello!”, said Ribbit, “I was wondering if you could help me carry this raft down to the river?” . Now, Dumbo was an elephant , so he was very tall, however Ribbit was a frog and therefore very short indeed. As Dumbo was a long way up from where Ribbit was and he had tiny ears, he struggled to hear him speak. “Pardon?” said Dumbo.
    Ribbit replied “I said,could you help me carry this raft to the river please?”
    “I can’t hear you!”, Dumbo moaned,”to me you just sound like a little squeak!”
    “PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME CARRY MY RAFT TO THE RIVER!!!!” ,roared Ribbit. “What did you say? asked Dumbo yet again. Ribbit sighed ,then an idea came to him. He hopped up onto Dumbo’s head and said in his ear: “What you need is your ears stretching”, “then you will be able to hear better.”
    It took him all day, but eventually,Ribbit managed to stretch Dumbo’s ears so they were huge.

    And ever since that day, all of the elephants in the world are born with huge ears, so they never have a problem hearing like Dumbo did.

      19 05 2013
        year5l (15:43:35) :     Reply

      A different take on the ‘Dumbo’ story indeed! Having big ears to hear better rather than to fly like in the Disney version. Great idea, I am finding it hard to imagine Ribbit being heavy enough to make Dumbo’s ears bigger but perhaps he was very strong and determined?! I like your use of speech and synonyms for ‘said’. Great work.

    14 05 2013
      daanyal (17:48:45) :     Reply

    How the zebra got his stripes.

    One April fools an all white moany old zebra was bossing everyone around. All the animals were outraged because they were being bossed about. So they came up with a plan to get back at him.

    That night, lion and crocodile got some black paint and a paint brush. They painted stripes all over the Zebra, careful not to wake him up. It took them all night to do it and they ran away once they had finished. They were so happy that the plan had worked.

    The next morning Zebra woke up and was at first angry at having black stripes but then he understood why they had done it and said “thank you for teaching me a lesson, I’ll try not to be bossy any more.” All the animals were satisfied and they all lived happily ever after.

      17 05 2013
        07tanisa (22:08:58) :     Reply

      oooh, a moral…

      19 05 2013
        year5l (15:41:43) :     Reply

      A simple but effective Just So story Daanyal, and a lesson learnt! I think the zebra was wise not to get angry at what the other animals had done to him, rather use it as a way to improve his personality.

    14 05 2013
      07kathryn (18:57:25) :     Reply

    Why the polar bear got his white white fur

    Once there was a polar bear who lived far away in the South Pole until there was hunters surrounding the South Pole they needed something to hide them or they would be hurt but they needed something transparent and camaflarging until a man came called Phillip Robinson and he came up with a white camaflarging fur to put on the polar bears it was … Was EPIC they loved it then no hunters could ever …. Ever find a polar bear they were to camaflarging especially near snow what’s white so that’s how the polar bear got white fur

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:54:50) :     Reply

      Full stops and shorter sentences would be good Kathryn, you know how to do this. I think your story neds expanding on, you haven’t explained how the white fur was invented or how the bears wear it (over their usual fur?). I like the idea though of the fur being for disguise.

    14 05 2013
      07millie (19:20:37) :     Reply

    How The Hedgehog Got His Spikes!

    Once there was an animal named hedgehog who was kind and caring and would do anything to help . Her back was the smoothest in the land and people came from far and wide to see it . Hedgehog wasn’t keen on all of the fuss as she was quite elderly but her husband loved the company of tourists and every time he could he would organise a show.

    One day Hedgehog’s husband came home grinning ! He screamed excitedly ” Guess what , guess what . I’ve organised a balloon ride for you! ”
    Hedgehog wasn’t sure but she couldn’t say no so…

    The next day Hedgehog was up in the air ; riding away in the wind . As the hot air balloon got higher Hedgehog grew nervous . She was now flying over a meadow that lead to the deadly thorn bush . Hedgehog started to panic . ( no-one had ever survived the deadly thorn bush! )

    Suddenly the wind began to pick up and she was heading right for the bush . Animals gasped as Hedgehog got jerked about . She had almost arrived at the death hole .

    Then sooner-or-later she arrived . Hedgehog closed her eyes and held her breath and CRASH !!!!! She landed strait into the bush on her lovely smooth back .

    People gathered to see the crisis . Suddenly there was a rustle from inside of the bush and out came a large figure with spikes all over its back .

    At first no-one had a clue who it was but after a while people started to guess . Only one person was clever enough to recognise who it was . “Hedgehog !” Cried the husband .
    Then everyone cheered in delight .

    That is how hedgehogs got spikes!

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:49:49) :     Reply

      You have told this story in a way that builds up tension, you know something bad is going to happen but you’re not sure what. Some good description, I especially liked the ‘deadly thorn bush’. Well done for having a go at using hyphens for a connected phrase. I feel a bit sorry for hedgehog!

    14 05 2013
      kalonji (19:52:34) :     Reply

    How the Racoon Got it’ stripes.
    You would of thought Robin was grabbing all the attention but no it was actually Racoon was all because of his clean grey body. Everyone wanted to look like him, everyone but Robin ,he thought grey was a disgusting colour “It shouldn’t be allowed in the forest

    One boiling hot day Racoon was really itchy so he went to go rub his back, head, tail, stomach, arms, legs and chest on a tree but as he was turning he didn’t notice there was fresh oil on it he felt even hotter he went and dived head first into freezing cold water but when he came out his fur had stripes on him he tried to rub them off but the water had made them permanent. He only has four friends and they are :Zebra ( his pen pal ) , tiger (pen pal) , badger
    and squirrel .

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:47:36) :     Reply

      Original idea, I like the fact that “grey is a disgusting colour”! Could you have gone on to describe what the friends said or how they reacted to the ‘new racoon’? Great effort. Some shorter sentences would be useful.

    14 05 2013
      Tanisa (19:54:54) :     Reply

    My Homework: The Flightless Bird
    One day Penguin was gliding across the cold sky of the south pole. She hated to boast about being able to fly but when she saw her friend seal, she said, “Don’t you get bored, not being able to fly like me?” and as she said that she plodded along the snowy, crystal iceberg, to get closer to her friend. Seal, who was proud to be himself, replied, “Actually, I’m very happy to be myself, thank you. Now if you don’t mind, I have some work to do,”. Penguin was surprised; flying was great! Why didn’t seal want to fly, like her? Her arms, as black as night, lifted up slowly and carried her into the sky once again. As soon as she saw her igloo, waiting for her, she hovered lower and rested in her comfy ice bed. While she rested she got an unexpected visit. A visit by Sea Bird (AKA. Selfish Sea Bird ). He loved to steal feathers off of all the other birds in the south pole. He crept closer to the tired penguin and plucked five feathers off her furry belly! Unfortunately, those were her flying feathers on her right side! Sea Bird plucked off five more from her left side that were her flying feathers as well! Sea Bird flew out of Penguins’s igloo and left her with no flying feathers! In the morning Penguin wanted to visit Seal so she lifted her arms…nothing. She flapped her arms harder but nothing changed! Penguin was so disappointed, she didn’t know what to do. She realised, after a while, that she didn’t have any flying feathers at all! Penguin suddenly saw a white feather that didn’t look like hers. She picked it up and examined it carefully, “Who’s is this? It’s definitely a bird’s. That means a bird took my flying feathers, but which bird? Wait this is- it can’t be though -it is- Sea Bird!” And that is why penguins can’t fly.

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:44:09) :     Reply

      So a mystery then? Great idea for the story, it seems plausible. A lot of description of the setting here, it makes it easy for me to imagine the action. It seems hard to believe that penguins once were able to fly – now we know the reason why they can’t. Inspired story.

        17 05 2013
          07tanisa (15:56:47) :     Reply


    15 05 2013
      kiitan (11:50:19) :     Reply

    Why Lion is the king of the jungle.

    There once lived a crab named Jimmy and he loved to play hide and seek. He then went to jaguar, the king of the jungle obviously, and asked if he wanted to play with him. Jaguar replied: “I don’t have time to play with you; I have a whole jungle to rule over and I don’t need you telling me what to do”. And with that Jaguar stormed off. The crab went to lion and asked him if the wanted to play with him but to his surprise lion did want to play.” Of course” called the lion. Lion proved to be a friendlier person than Jaguar. Crab suddenly thought that this should be reported to the king of the sky, Eagle. When he told Eagle about this Eagle responded rapidly. He swooped down to the ground and immediately crowned lion the king of the jungle. That is why lion is king of the jungle. But what happened to Jaguar. To be continued…….

    …….On my next blog

      5 06 2013
        07jackm (11:39:27) :     Reply

      So where is part 2 we would love to know what ever happened to jaguar.

      5 06 2013
        07isla (11:45:33) :     Reply

      I LOVE your just so story Kiitan! Are you going to actually do a part 2 because I would love to read it! I also hope Jaguar gets fed to flying pehagasis sentanced by King Eagle the sky king! JIMMY! LoL!



    15 05 2013
      Jessica (14:48:59) :     Reply

    Giraffe has a long neck
    One day a short little Giraffe wanted to eat some leaves and he would like to learn how to climb a tree and the only reason was he had not gone to Giraffe school. After a few days he went to Giraffe school and he thought ‘ What about if we had long necks then we would just have to lift our head up’
    After a few days he started being lazy in his short bed and not going to school. So the ghost of energized decided to give him a long neck so he would not fit in his bed anymore . Then the ghost gave everyone a long neck because it meant that they didn’t have to climb trees anymore so it would save alot of time

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:41:32) :     Reply

      The giraffe school sounds funny! What is the ghost of energizer? Why did the giraffe start being lazy all of a sudden?

    15 05 2013
      kassidy (15:05:21) :     Reply

    How Giraffes got long necks.
    A long long time ago in Africa, giraffe’s had snort necks just like ours.
    One windy day a family of giraffes went to the park to fly a kite. Mummy,Daddy,George and Emma giraffe was having a great time flying the kite.”George be careful your getting very close to the tree with the kite, it will get stuck in the branches.” Just as Daddy giraffe said that , the kite flew into the tree. George pulled on the string but it stuck in the branches.

    George climbed up the tree and pushed through to the branches, he grabbed the kite. George went to go back down the tree, but his head was stuck between 2 branches.”I’m stuck,help me” shouted George to his family.They all ran over to George.They all pulled and pulled at his legs.After one final big pull George became free.Mummy,Daddy and Emma stared at George,his neck was long!!!!

    His neck was very good at getting leaves from tall trees,so it wasn’t long until all the other giraffes wanted long necks.They all took it in turns to get stuck in the branches and to be pulled out.
    That is how giraffes got long necks!

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:40:06) :     Reply

      Great idea, what giraffes had to stretch their necks out to eat, as we know they do. But this is explained by an accident with a kite in a tree. You have made the giraffe family sound very human. Good job Kassidy.

        17 05 2013
          kassidy (16:04:22) :     Reply

        thank you miss letts:)

    15 05 2013
      Alishba (15:39:13) :     Reply

    Homework Alishba
    The smallest bird
    There once was a bird that hatched and saw that he was really small he said to his mummy everyone is bigger than me! His mum said its ok good things happen to those who wait. This small bird really wanted to be a BIG bird and to be able to fly like big birds and he saw all these big birds and felt left out but he wasn’t exactly left his brothers and sisters hatched and they were the same size as him so he waited and waited till he could not stand staying small he told his Mummy I’m still tiny and mum said good things happen to those who wait every time he asked after months and months of waiting he became the biggest bird in the neibourhood! He told his mum and mum said see I told you good things happen to those who wait.

    My homework is abit short I think!

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:38:10) :     Reply

      I like the repetition style you have used, like Kilpling’s. It seems the mum tricked the baby bird because all the time he was asking and she was telling him to wait, he was growing gradually. Original idea, simple story and well told. Great effort! Don’t forget your speech marks when characters are talking.

    15 05 2013
      Abigail (15:41:00) :     Reply

    Why snakes slither
    Once upon a time there was a snake that had legs. The snake always boasted about his legs and how thin they were. All the other animals said “we have legs too” but snake exclamed “yours are fat mine are thin”. Snake did this every day for about 5 weeks.
    One day all the other animals got sick of hearind snakeb boast about his thin legs. Sothey got lion to eat snakes legs which he did. From that day on snakes no longer have legs to walk on but they slither along the ground.

      17 05 2013
        year5l (10:36:22) :     Reply

      A harsh punishment! For lion to eat the snake’s legs. It would explain why snakes have to slither, they have no choice because of this story, good idea. Be careful to check your typing, sometimes you have joined words together by mistake.

    15 05 2013
      benk (19:06:50) :     Reply


    How the rhino got his horn.

    One day the rhino had a very flat nose like a hippo or a giraffe.Rhino lived in a cave with lots of stalagtites hanging from the caves roof. Rhino was very proud of his nose some times he would flick his nose in the air just to annoy other animals like elephant who had a wriggly nose. That wasn’t very flat! one day Rhino was showing off as usual to zebra when Rhino walked strangely near to his cave suspiciously early…

    It seemed he said he wanted more time to admire himself in his pool of water at the back of his cave. Just as he walked in elephant walked by “haha just the thing I need some one to show off to!” So Rhino walked to the edge of his cave and walked along flicking his nose in the air again and elephant shouted “RHINO WATCH OUT YOUR GOING TO HIT YOUR HEAD ON THE STALAGTITES!” Rhino was too busy to notice him and…

    Rhino swung his nose up and “snap” the staligtite was firmly stuck into his nose “AHAHAHAH”screamed Rhino at the top of his voice! elephant couldn’t help but say “told you so” rhino tried and tries but it just wouldn’t come out.


    thats all folks!

      17 05 2013
        year5l (07:51:58) :     Reply

      That’s a great idea to use a stalagtite as a horn, sound painful! Did he turn it around so the pointed end is at the top? Was this his punishment for rubbing it in to the other animals about their noses?

      5 06 2013
        07isla (11:32:44) :     Reply

      I like your just so story ben but just remember to put a capital letter after a full stop and try to use a different word other than walked!


    5 06 2013
      07isla (11:27:20) :     Reply

    In literacy we had to write a just so story so I wrote mine on the blog which if you want to see you can hopefully still see it above if you scroll up. Also 07jackm did a story with me aswell but sadly you can’t see it because its not on the blog. WE GOT 2 STICKERS EACH!!!!!

    10 09 2013
      08charlie2 (15:04:56) :     Reply

    When I walked to school this morning planes were on the ground and monkeys were driving and snails were passages in the plane .I floated to school and the child that was teaching me shouted “your early!”(Which means your late).It was PE and our new teacher was called Mr Shell.He was a snail really we were doing racing. If you were slow you’d win.

    At break we stood still and was quiet and when we got into the classroom we were MENTAL shouting playing games all of that in the classroom. It was AWESOME!!!! I felt a bit sorry for the child teacher.It was a crazy day I even saw a car in the air.

    By Charlie

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:47:32) :     Reply

      This is a great effort Charlie, I like your enthusiasm for your nonsense school. Some inventive original ideas here, you have thrown everything in! Very creative. I like how you have described your opinions/feelings about the aspects you see during the day. 1 sticker

    10 09 2013
      Daniel (15:06:02) :     Reply

    When I get dressed in the morning I put my trousers on my arms, my shirt on my legs, shoes and socks on my hands and nothing on my feet! I go to school in a helicopter-on train tracks! The school is at Laser Force and starts at mid-night. Maths lasts for 1 minute and P.E lasts for 10 hours. At the end of school I put on my school uniform.

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:45:29) :     Reply

      This sounds like a good way to get to school! You have got the idea of playing around with normal conventions/situations, well done. I think you could have expanded on your ideas a little, I want to know more about what you ‘learn’ (or don’t learn?!) at Lazer Force.

    11 09 2013
      Macie 2 (14:55:07) :     Reply

    I woke up and climbed out of the dead cow skin that I was laying on which was in my shed.Then I put my hands in some mud and started rubbing it on my teeth to clean them.Afterwards I flossed them with some grass.Next I opened up my fish tank which had mouldy food and all kinds of bits in there,I put my hands in the water and got a handful of it and started rubbing it all over my face to clean it. Then I got dressed and put my shoes on my ears and put my trousers on my arms and my top on my legs and then I went to Primary Delapre School

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:43:52) :     Reply

      You have used quite a few topsy-turvy references here, I like it. You have create strong imagery of washing hands in disgusting fish tanks, yuk! You have really got the idea of a nonsense world, good job.

    11 09 2013
      Kirsty (15:45:47) :     Reply

    It’s 9:30am and IT’S LUNCHTIME. We don’t have a bell, we have a girl that screams at the top of her voice. Colourful, small elves come into the room and feed us lots and lots of chocolate and sweets. Me and my friends aren’t allowed any healthy food. After the elves have fed us we are allowed to go on the trampoline playground, with our shoes on our hands. Whilst we have lots of fun, the teachers have to sit quietly and bring us whatever we want!

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:41:27) :     Reply

      I don’t think I’d like your role reversal Kirsty, the teachers having to obey the children, mmmm! As for going on the trampoline after eating all that chocolate, yuk, I can see some people feeling sick. But you would all have a lot of fun I am sure. Some good ideas here, well done.

      18 09 2013
        Mr Portrey (10:26:10) :     Reply

      Umm…As long as it’s just the teachers and not the Headteacher Kirsty. Or would that be your job?

        19 09 2013
          08kirsty (12:56:34) :     Reply

        Ummm… Maybe when one of the teachers were off sick or are planning you would have to step in.

    11 09 2013
      Matylda (16:55:37) :     Reply

    my magical world
    I woke up in the morning on my sweet horse called toffee and went to the kitchen to put on a pancake with sugar to make my face sweeter then any over candy on the universe. After I pushed the horse on my back and we went to school.

    At school we were relaxing in the large hot tub playing on the on the school’s new iPads that every one got as a gift from the school. Then our new teacher Baby Bottlegiver came in and gave every one of the newest IPod touches, we could even choose the colour. We also got 5 million pounds, a potion which made you rich and a family trip to New York but because the school used all this money on our gifts the council did a free solar system and a reward of the best education to kids so the school was closed for a year.

    so all the children got to go on their New York trip were you had to walk on hands or you went to prison and come back to school.

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:39:45) :     Reply

      Matylda, you have some crazy ideas! It sounds like the school was full of money in your nonsense world, very generous of them to give you so many expensive gifts. I like the idea of putting a pancake on your face to make it sweeter, like a sugary facepack. Very inventive, good job. Remember to use shorter sentences as sometimes they are rather long with no pauses.
      1 sticker.

    11 09 2013
      alana (18:45:43) :     Reply

    I woke up and rolled out of my comfy banister and I walked on my hands down the stairs. I went to the breakfast table and made my toast on my head , then I headed to the shed to put my school uniform on. Then I jumped to the car and sat in my booster seat on the car roof. Finally I got to school. After that I went to French and did P.E on the field.

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:36:22) :     Reply

      Alana some good ideas here, I have given feedback in your homework book. You don’t have to do the task twice!

    12 09 2013
      abby (17:34:55) :     Reply

    Chapter 1 Down the Rabbit Hole

    Today I woke up from my bed made of sweets and turned my frozen chocolate alarm clock off. Next I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth with candyfloss. When my teeth were done I put on my clothes, t-shirt on back to front and trousers on in-side out.
    Next I went down stairs and ate my bowl of mints.

    Soon it was time to go to school so I got my fruit-lishius lunch and crossed the icing road to my jelly school. It was time to do what ever we wanted so I played a game with my friends. When fun time was finished we went to the toilets because we had to get are swimming costume on for swimming fun. When I was ready I went outside to the waterpark.

    An hour after, I got dry and got dressed. We went inside and done some really fun learning.

    Two hours after, I had to go home but before we left we got two pieces of fruit and one packet of mints, (and they were the fruity ones) :{)

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:34:56) :     Reply

      You are obviously thinking about food as the theme for your nonsense world, I like it! You have conjured up some strong images in my head, yum! Some good opposites and back-to-front references here, well done. 1 sticker

      18 09 2013
        Mr Portrey (10:24:11) :     Reply

      Wow!!! Great start Abby. Really like the words you have used to create that wonderful feeling. Really does deserve one sticker as was mentioned! You should be very proud of your work.

    12 09 2013
      Laura (18:47:38) :     Reply

    In my imaginary world there is no gravity and its sunny, everyday we would have a dance party, on the roof and then when we come down we have a beach party we all have a favourite lessons, even mine craft is allowed.

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:32:41) :     Reply

      Some interesting ideas here Laura but I would like you to expand on them and write a little more please. I know you can do it.

      18 09 2013
        Mr Portrey (10:22:00) :     Reply

      What an incredible place this sounds like.

        19 09 2013
          Laura (13:08:10) :     Reply

        Thank you Mr Portrey what would yours be? Would you relax all day or not even get a chance to touch the sofa?

    12 09 2013
      08jua (19:22:18) :     Reply

    Homework – Jua
    I got home from school, I had breakfast and went into the TV set to say hi to my talking painting of a unicorn pegged up on the wall. Next I went to school and taught my students aged 34 – 35 and one of them got their peg moved because they said the right answer. It was my dad’s 6th birthday and we all went to oolaballuh ( hullabaloo backwards is oolaballuh ). As I went to bed I put my feet on the pillow and my head on the foot board.

      12 09 2013
        year5l (19:31:36) :     Reply

      I like the idea of you teaching the adult students! I bet you would do a good job too. I think you could have expanded your nonsense world, you obviously have lots of original ideas. A good start.

    17 09 2013
      Daniel (07:26:37) :     Reply

    We don’t learn anything because we play at Lazer Force and eat Snickers all day.

    18 09 2013
      Mr Portrey (10:20:58) :     Reply

    The lesson this morning looked like it was really getting the very best from the class. They were so involved and really challenging themselves in order to produce the very best! I absolutely loved what I witnessed. Can’t wait to see even more.

    24 09 2013
      Abby (18:20:28) :     Reply

    “You are the type of person that keeps me going, the person that I will always listen to when I’m stuck .You’re smile makes me cheerful even if I get a few questions wrong, it is that cheerful I cant resist it. You encourage me to keep on trying when I feel like giving up. When it is the right time to have fun we enjoy the moment until it is time to concentrate. You laugh when the teachers tell jokes and treat people in the kindest way you can think of. You have the brain and hart that will compete in sports and other compositions. You have a shoulder to cry on if something has gone wrong. Your as funny as a bunny doing weird tricks. My most favourite thing in school is friends and you’re one of them. An ambassador is what you are. You’re my favourite friend.

    26 09 2013
      08matylda (16:46:36) :     Reply

    Delapre child
    You are the best at every thing and we don’t show of,your friendship cuddles me to bed,you make laugh and you encourage me to do my best with a smile,you help me no matter what,you show me the good side and the bad side to give me what I need to know,you indipendent and responsible,you kind and cheerfull,you are sweet and truthful, you are carefull at the receptions,you show your best in everything, you my best friend ever.

    27 11 2013
      Daniel (16:09:55) :     Reply

    Ebenezer Scrooge is a dull, boring and harsh man who hates Christmas. His worker is Bob Cratchit and he treats him very badly by making him do everlasting work without much pay. He always wears black and never has a smile on his face. He is for ever counting money and is greedy in everything. He never likes a bit of happiness around him and does not care about anybody else but himself and his money.

    27 11 2013
      Ruby (16:29:14) :     Reply

    Scrooge had bin young and hansom years before ,but all that changed. Now all he does is care about him self,money and power. He treats people like a piece of rubbish on the floor. Day by day he walks past children an adults with out a home ,or food to eat. He walks across saying ” I’m the richest man you will ever meet. I’ll never be on the street.” But it doesn’t stop there Bob Cratchit rays to be with his family day and night. But no he can’t and that is all because,of Scrooge.All that changed on one Christmas Eve. When ran out in the streets on Christmas Day smiling and laughing all of the way. Giving the beggers money and food even Bob got money a well a the choir.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:31:47) :     Reply

      What do you think made Scrooge change his ways? I agree that he doesn’t treat people well.

    27 11 2013
      08macie (17:14:31) :     Reply

    All about Scrooge from the Christmas carol

    Scrooge is a nasty old man who only cares for himself.He doesnt like christmas so if any body sings a christmas song he says
    “bahhumbug”in his cruel,visious voice.He never wants too give money to the poor.His worker Bob Cratchet,who celebrates christmas,has a hard time listening too Scrooge say nasty things about christmas being stupid.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:30:36) :     Reply

      I feel sorry for Bob too, having to put up with a very unpleasant and negative boss Scrooge, especially around Christmas time.

    27 11 2013
      Matylda (17:38:04) :     Reply

    Scrooge is a cold,miserly,selfish man who cares on about money.
    Even more like a kid doing homework or tidying their room he hates Christmas and happiness which will never fill his heart.While he spends his days counting his money,he checks what Bob Cratchit is doing in his work.Three ghosts tried to change him but who knows if the change stay in him.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:29:41) :     Reply

      Do you think anyone can get through to Scrooge to change him?

        1 12 2013
          Matylda (17:20:09) :     Reply

        It takes how some one does it but it will of been difficult.

    27 11 2013
      08ned (18:46:45) :     Reply

    Ebenezer Scrooge is a cold-hearted, spiteful, hating victorian man. Her thinks himself as the richest and the best person in the world, and everyone else is rubbish. He forces his worker, Bob Cratchit to do very hard writing tasks, and pays him very, very little. His lips are always downturned to a sad face, as he walks through the street and kicks children off his doorstep. In my opinion he is a bit misunderstood, but very spoilt and power-crazed, leaving a trail of sadness.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:29:03) :     Reply

      Why do you think Scrooge is misunderstood? You have covered all his character aspects, well done Ned.

    27 11 2013
      Laurell (19:09:05) :     Reply

    Scroog is selfish,rude,rich,cold hearted, has a cold harsh voice,dull,lazy,greedy,grumpy (he never has a smile on his face),he is a miser(keeps every thing to him
    At the start of the story Scrooge has nothing to offer but his word because he’s a very clever man,who is able to make a profit at any thing he turns his hand to.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:28:22) :     Reply

      Yes I agree he is a clever man Laurell, he knows how to make money but not how to keep friends and be pleasant.

    27 11 2013
      Emily (20:11:23) :     Reply

    As people walk by Scrooge their spine would shudder with fright. His worker Bob Cratchit was a kind hearted man that always had a smile on his face and a kind word on his lips. Bob got paid very little for all his hard work. Scrooge was a cold heartless man who gave nothing to the poor. He lived alone in a large house. He had no time for others. He had a twisted old face and a large nose that looked like a hook. His eyes were like dark crystal. He was hunched over with a boney spine. Scrooge dressed in black had holey mittens with his horrible yellow finger nails sticking out.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:27:44) :     Reply

      Lots of detail in your description Emily, well done. I can picture him clearly in my mind from this.

    28 11 2013
      Laura (13:22:58) :     Reply

    He is described a cold man with hardened features who shared little and hung onto every penny. He kept to himself and had no friends and attended no social events.
    “But he was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scrooge! A cold-hearted miser bullied by ghosts into gaining a conscience has triumphed over a festering he was a quite and sad man you wouldn’t him walking down the street greeting people .

    28 11 2013
      Georgina (13:24:31) :     Reply

    Ebenezer Scrooge(Scrooge) is a dark-hearted old man who turns down every charity that comes to his door! Besides, the fact that he is very rich he only ever thinks about himself and never helps anyone any place any time.No one is friends with that miserable miser because he doesn’t give them anything in return,his best friend Is basically money! But as they always say money can’t buy us happiness! His old partner Jacob Marley died long ago now his partner is Bob Cratchit of which he constantly yells at for basically nothing at all with a salary of around 7 pence a day!

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:26:34) :     Reply

      Excellent detail Georgina, I like the way you have used the old saying about money, very true. But does Scrooge realise this yet? 1 sticker

    28 11 2013
      Baylie (13:24:38) :     Reply

    Ebenezer Scrooge AKA Scrooge-dark haired little man is VERY grumpy that grumpy he turns around any company who turns up at his door and asks for money! He is HORRID truly horrid.The miserly owner of a London counting-house, a nineteenth century term for an accountant’s office. The three spirits of Christmas visit the stodgy bean-counter in hopes of reversing Scrooge’s greedy, cold-hearted approach to life.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:25:42) :     Reply

      Some of this looks like you might have copied and pasted it Baylie? Please put this into your own words. You started off well in your description.

    28 11 2013
      Erin (13:29:57) :     Reply

    Scrooge is a cold hearted man with a heart of steel. He shares no love and cherishes nothing that is not money. His face a crumpled as a screwd piece of paper. His eyes are flames petrifying the coming. His clothes are old and torn even though he is so tight. This is dirt to him, the time is so still to him and has nothing to quote. Now he wonders why he is so alone, well that is choice.

    28 11 2013
      Tyrese (15:46:35) :     Reply

    Scrooge is a cold lonely man who doesn’t care about Christmas or other people.The only thing Scrooge cares about really is his money.Scrooge used to have many friends but all that changed to him. Bob Cratchit works for Scrooge but no matter how kind Bob was Scrooge wasn’t. It was like he had a heart made of stone.

      29 11 2013
        08erin (19:11:06) :     Reply

      Scrooge is a cold hearted stingy man with a heart of steel and shares no love at all. His face as shrivelled up as a scrunched up piece of paper in the paper bin. His old and tatted cloak was paid for by the endless amount of shillings in his leather pocket. His brain carries the thought of knowledge of the world. His smile never shows and his eyes never twinkle like the stars. He is a man never to give and always to take and now he wonders why he is all alone.

        29 11 2013
          08erin (22:07:02) :     Reply

        sorry instead of thought of knowledge of the world I mean knowledge of the world.

        1 12 2013
          year5l (10:18:31) :     Reply

        Great idea Erin to compare Scrooge’s character to what it could be if he was a better person. You have covered all aspects of his appearance and compared them to a personality trait, good job. 1 sticker.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:24:19) :     Reply

      Why did Scrooge lose his friends do you think?

    28 11 2013
      Max (16:07:43) :     Reply

    Scrooge is a really unhappy guy who hates Christmas and has a hateful heart. His worker, who is called Bob Cratchit , is a really nice man but scrooge is always shouting at him and not giving him a lot of pay. He is really stingy and has no friends but when he was young he had lots of friends. He is just generally a nasty man who is really selfish and doesn’t care about anyone else

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:22:59) :     Reply

      Can you describe Bob as more than ‘nice’ (no way Jose word!)? Why do you think Scrooge lost his friends?

    28 11 2013
      Macie2 (16:21:07) :     Reply

    My homwork

    Scrooge is a very misreble man because he spends most of the time counting his profits,and not caring about the poor people that have nothing to eat,nowhere to live.Scrooge hates Christmas because people are singing,dancing,and having lots of fun and he gets annoyed.He wheres a big black hat and a thick pitch black long coat aswell.And he has a walking stick to help him get around alot easier.Scrooge was very unpopular,he works at a counting house and when customors come he shouts at them and is not very nice to them.Also he was a banker and had a sister called fran and fran tried to be nice to scrooge but he wasnt being nice to fran.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:21:46) :     Reply

      Well done for researching Scrooge’s history Macie, interesting to hear about his background. You have covered all the aspects of his character, great work. 1 sticker

        6 12 2013
          08erin (17:35:23) :     Reply

        I agree miss letts this is great work

    28 11 2013
      Isabella (16:30:11) :     Reply

    Fortune and power is what Ebenezer Scrooge wants. He’s a grumpy but miserable man, he hasn’t got any friends, although he does have a loyal man working for him called Bob Cratchit. You see Bob is all the opposite of Scrooge, Bob loves Christmas. Scrooge is a man that hates Christmas. You don’t see even one little smile of off Scrooge, all we see is snarling and moaning. Scrooge wears black from head to toe. He normally wears a jet black top hat, a pitch black over coat, a black shabby trousers and tatty black shoes.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:20:51) :     Reply

      Good idea to compare the two characters to see their differences. Do you think Scrooge wears all black to echo his character traits?

    28 11 2013
      abby (16:53:13) :     Reply

    Ebenezer Scrooge is a selfish old man who only cares about money and being rich. Christmas is his worst subject so if an invitation to a Christmas party he would say “Humbug” and crumble the invitation up. His business partner used to be Jacob Marley but because he died a very generous family man wanted to work for Scrooge. Scrooge used to have friends in his early days but as he grew wiser (as he said) not many people would go near him. It was like his heart was made of pure black stone.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:19:52) :     Reply

      Abby, I can see you have done some research into Scrooge’s back story and earlier life, do you think he grew wiser? Great description. 1 sticker

    29 11 2013
      Connor (22:40:35) :     Reply

    Homework about Scrooge.

    Scrooge is a cold man. He keeps every penny to himself (Selfish). He is a very stingy man, He is an evil person which has no friends.
    He is harsh.

    30 11 2013
      Charlie (10:36:17) :     Reply

    A dull ,grumpy old ,wrinkly man who cares about money only.He is such a stingy and evil man he doesn’t care about the ones who need it.Children starving and adults dying and what does this old man think about,only money and power.He works with such a lovely man who loves Christmas but the stingy man hates it. This mans name is Scrooge. By Charlie

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:16:42) :     Reply

      You have drawn a good comparison between Bob and Scrooge, it is true that Scrooge doesn’t care for anything but himself. Bob who doesn’t have much, still is a good person.

    30 11 2013
      Michael (10:39:38) :     Reply

    Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean spirited, bitter, hard, miserable old man who has no time for fun and kindness, he hates happiness especially Christmas. All he does is care about himself and his money as he spends all his time counting his profits.He is very mean and cruel to his workers, especially Bob Cratchit his clerk.He makes Bob work astonishing hours throughout the day, pays him a very poor wage, but despite this Bob continues to be loyal to the selfish cold miser that is Ebenezer Scrooge.

    Ref; cold miser(bookrags)
    Ref; Cruel,Hard(Schmoop)

      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:15:15) :     Reply

      A very thorough description Michael, well done. I like the way you have described Scrooge’s relationship to Bob. 1 sticker.

    1 12 2013
      year5l (10:36:12) :     Reply

    In my opinion scrooge is so mean and so nasty i don’t know how he can live with him self.He wont even give a single penny to the poor people and he has bags of money. He acts mean and nasty but really deep down inside i know he has a lot of nice just waiting to come out.

    P.S in the end he lets his nice show and has lots of friends and celebrates christmas with his nephew and friends.


      1 12 2013
        year5l (10:37:15) :     Reply

      You can see the good in everyone Natasha, even Scrooge! Can you use alternative words to ‘nice’ please? (‘no way Jose!)

    1 12 2013
      adam (13:59:47) :     Reply

    Scrooge is a myserious cold-hearted guy who keeps himself to himself.Scrooge is never out for christmas he is always is counting up his money selfishly and never giving any to bob crachit his worker

      1 12 2013
        year5l (17:40:08) :     Reply

      I think you could find out a little more here Adam, what is his physical appearance like? How does he act towards strangers?

    1 12 2013
      Kirsty (14:39:19) :     Reply

    Scrooge is a cold man, who kept himself to himself and didn’t attend to make any friends.Also Scrooge is rich and instead of trying to help the poor,he neglects them.Greedly he also doesn’t even give scraps or spare penny’s to the beggars, he keeps it all to himself. When he is at work he doesn’t let Bob look at the carol singers he just makes him work hard.As well as that Scrooge is evil and rich,but he wants more power.

      1 12 2013
        year5l (17:39:20) :     Reply

      Do you think Scrooge can ever change? Great description, you have considered different areas of his life.

    1 12 2013
      amelia (19:23:21) :     Reply

    scrooge homework

    Scrooge is a old,grumpy,unpleasent,cold hearted money lender. He keeps himself to himself and he doesnt raise money for the poor. He doesnt like to celebrate christmas and doesnt understand why anyone else would want to. He is a greedy penny pincher who always wants more.

      2 12 2013
        year5l (15:57:00) :     Reply

      Do you know what a penny pincher is? Why do you think he doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas?

    1 12 2013
      Jua (20:25:22) :     Reply

    Scrooge doesn’t have a heart but instead he has a pitch black hole, his heart was removed by greediness and selfishness. Instead of a smile,a scowl is plastered on his face and a snarl is stitched on his face at Christmas,his face is wrinkled with age. His future was destroyed because character. His money over powered him and settled in his mind. But can he change his ways and become a new Ebeneezer Scrooge.

      2 12 2013
        year5l (15:56:31) :     Reply

      Do you think he can change? I like the description of a snarl stitched on his face, great imagery!

    1 12 2013
      08abel (20:59:40) :     Reply

    Scrooge is very old man, his skin is wrinkled his facial hair white as silver. This extrmely cold-hearted man is selfish, greedy. He gives nothing to the poor .He doesn’t want anybody around. The only thing Scrooge cares about is money and power. He has no friends either. Scrooge makes poor Bob Cratchit work at highest limits without much rest until end of the day,nor he pays much. Scrooge wants lots of power as well as lots of wealth.(Sorry Miss Letts because my work is a bit late)

      2 12 2013
        year5l (15:55:26) :     Reply

      You have described Scrooge well here Abel, I agree that Scrooge is a greedy miserable man.

    9 12 2013
      Emily (17:31:13) :     Reply

    Charles dickens was a famous writer who was born in England and was born in 1812 and died in 1870 .He wrote books like Oliver twist which was a boy that lived in a orphanage. he also wrote the Christmas carol which was about a man called scrooge who hated Christmas. He wrote sad and happy stories. Charles lived though the industrial revolution. People read Dickens’s books because they like a good story and they like interesting characters

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:47:00) :     Reply

      He does describe his characters well doesn’t he?

    9 12 2013
      abby (17:44:52) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a famous English writer, wrote with a feather pen. People all over the world enjoy his stories. One of them is Oliver Twist, the story of a poor boy in Victorian times. Books by Dickens can be funny and sad. His stories are full of interesting people.
    Charles Dickens was born in England in 1812 and died in 1870.He always used to like to write about people who are poor and live in poverty and fear. He still is famous all around the world .

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:46:36) :     Reply

      The feather pen (or quill) was widely used then wasn’t it? But I suppose not everyone could afford to buy ink and paper.

    9 12 2013
      daniel (18:11:54) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812 and he died in 1870 in London. Dickens lived in London in the Victorian times. He was an author. He wrote lots of books and some of his most famous ones are, Oliver Twist and a Christmas Carol. People read his books in the olden days because there was no other entertainment for them. In our days people read his books because they are classics and written by a famous author. Even films have been made. Often the settings in his books was in the poor parts of London. He liked to use children as some of the characters in the stories. As Dickens lived in London, he was often seen walking around the streets which gave him ideas for his characters and stories. Charles Dickens was involved in a train crash. He went to the USA where he read to large crowds of people. When he came home he fell ill and died in June 1870. He is buried in Westminster Abbey in London.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:45:46) :     Reply

      Dickens was inspired by the poor streets of London wasn’t he? He must have been a great writer to describe the squalor in such interesting ways.

    9 12 2013
      Matylda (18:34:03) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a really famous writer.
    Happily,he lived in Victorian times with his parents.
    Charles wrote his books in series so people would go to the shops to get a new chapter each week.
    Some off the books that he wrote were Oliver twist,the Christmas carol,The Pickwick papers,the Curiosity shop,Nicholas Nickleby,Barnaby Rudge,Bleak house.tales of two cities and more but his most famous are Christmas carol and David Copperfield.
    Charles Dickens was angry at things he saw were happening so his books show off something wrong and sometimes the solving to make it a good book.
    On 7 February 1812, Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth but saddly he died in London 18170 on 9th off June.He lived in Portsmouth but he had to move with his family to Kent. After they moved to London were his father got arrested for not paying bills.Charles liked Kent he liked school,the country side and the old castle.
    People started saying ‘Merry Christmas’ more after A Christmas Carol was published. They also started sending Christmas cards by post.
    Dickens almost became an actor not a writer. Having a bad cold stopped him getting his first acting job.
    The name ‘Scrooge’ has come to mean a mean person, someone who doesn’t like spending money.
    Dickens was annoyed in America by people spitting a lot!
    Dickens was always writing. He wrote thousands of letters.
    The Dickens family had a pet raven (a large black bird). Its name was Grip.
    While working in the blacking factory, Dickens visited his parents on Sundays – in prison.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:43:58) :     Reply

      What a lot of information! You have done your research thoroughly. I like the details about his raven and Americans spitting, yuk!

    9 12 2013
      laurell (19:41:08) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was famous english writer. His first success was ‘The Pickwick Papers’ He published this in 1837 the year Victoria became Britan’s queen. People read Dickens because they came in serials so there was lots of suspense, people wanted to read Dicken’s books because they wanted to see what was going to happen next because each part of the storycame in serie’s. Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, in 1822 Charles Dickens and his mum and dad moved to London. Charles Dicken’s most famous books where ‘Oliver Twist’,’David Copperfield’ and ‘The Christmas Carol’ and many more. The theme in all of his books is poor people living in poor conditions. Charles Dickens got a bit unwell after a train crash in 1864 , in 1868 he went on a tour of the United States and read to two large audiences after he was tired, worn out and sick.Sadly Charles Dickens died in his home in Kent in 1870 working on a new book called ‘The Mistery of Edwin Drood.’Charles Dickens got buried at Westminister Abby.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:42:45) :     Reply

      I like the way you have talked about why people liked reading Dickens, his creativity is exciting/interesting isn’t it?

        25 04 2014
          laurell (18:36:23) :     Reply

        Some of his writing is, I like how some one has a bad life and they try and make it better in some of his stories.

    10 12 2013
      08macie (17:13:24) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens is a famous writer who writes:
    e.g.A Christmas Carol (published in 1843)
    Barnaby Rudge(published in 1841)
    He lived in the year which Victoria became Queen.People read Dickens books because they like a good book with interesting characters like Scrooge and David Copperfield.Some of his most famous books are:
    A Cristmas Carol
    David Copperfield
    Lots of his books are set in London.When Dickens was a young boy he had a mum,dad and 7 brothers and sisters.He was poor and sadly his dad got sent to prison for 6 months for not paying the bills.After that happened Dickens had to work in a dirty,old factory at the age of 12.Dickens died at the age of 58 and was buried in Westminister Abbey.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:41:52) :     Reply

      What is the book Barnaby Rudge about? I am not familiar with this story. Can you imagine working ina factory aged 12? How awful.

    10 12 2013
      08erin (20:04:00) :     Reply

    Homework set on the 9.12.13 due in on the 13.12.13

    Charles John Huffam Dickens was an English writer and social critic. He created some of the most memorable fictional characters like Scrooge in one of his many books called the Christmas Carol. The Christmas carol was published in 1843 and was a very good hit to young people as people now still read it impressive ? very.
    He was born in Portsmouth on 7 February 1812, to John and Elizabeth Dickens.

    His Books were;
    Great Expectations (1860)
    Oliver Twist (1838) – a great book and film
    A Christmas Carol (1843)- also a great book and film
    David Copperfield (1850)
    The Pickwick Papers (1836)

    Children: Kate Perugini, Edward Dickens were his kids names.
    Dickens was highly loved for his great contribution to old English literature. He had epic stories and and amazing characters in his outstanding books and fiction tales.
    By Erin 5L

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:40:51) :     Reply

      I like that you have included information about his children, very thorough research.

    11 12 2013
      Ruby (17:21:07) :     Reply

    1. Who was Charles Dickens?
    Charles Dickens was a famous English writer.Lots of people all round the world read his books.
    2. When did he live?
    Charles Dickens was born in England 1812. He lived in Kent with his mother,farther,seven brothers and sisters also, his pet raven called Grip.
    3. Why do people read Dickens?
    Charles Dickens wrote his books in sections. Hi stories became films ( serials).
    4. what were some of his most famous books?
    Oliver Twist.
    A Christmas Carol.
    And David Copper field.
    5. What did Dickens stories have in common?
    Charles Dickens stories were in common by the orphans,poor people and cruel mean people.
    6. What happened to Charles Dickens?
    Charles Dickens had a train crash in 1864. Which lead to injury’s and he never recovered. Then he died in his home ( his home was in Kent) in 1870. He was buried in West-Minster Abbey.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:39:02) :     Reply

      You have covered everything here, good.

    11 12 2013
      Macie 2 (18:54:29) :     Reply

    Charles dickens homework

    Charles Dickens was a famous writer, People all over the world read his books e.g Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, The Pickwick Papers. The books that Charles Dickens wrote could of been sad or happy. Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England on the 7th Febraury 1812. People love to read his books even still now. In all of his novels he wrote about orphans because there were more orphans round in those days. Charles Dickens died of a stroke on the 9th June 1870 at the age of 58. He died in his country home in Kent, England. He is buried in Poets corner at Westminster Abbey.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:38:08) :     Reply

      Do you think there really were more orphans around in those days? Or was it that they were more visible? Living on the streets not looked after like nowadays?

    11 12 2013
      08milly (18:57:59) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens is a famous English writer. Loads of people from all over the world read dickens’ novels. Here are some examples of those novels: Oliver Twist, Hard Times, David Copperfield and of course Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens was born on 7 February 1812. His full name was Charles John Huffam Dickens.
    Dickens never had lots of money. He had 7 Brothers and sisters.
    Mrs.Dickens had always dreamed of owning a school and Mr.Dickens had always wanted to be rich. Although things had never gone that way. Charles had been in a train crash even though he wasn’t majorly hurt had was never very well after that. In 1864 Charles went on a tour of the United States of America. He read his novels out to big audiences wich was very tiring. He came back home very ill and tired. Charles finally died in 1870. He
    was buried in Westminster Abbey.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:37:24) :     Reply

      You have talked about some details I wasn’t familiar with, thorough research Milly.

    12 12 2013
      Kirsty (16:25:29) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens:
    Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth 1812. Classic literature is what he wrote in the Victorian times. He was sent to Warren’s blacking factory. Like other literary careers he started as a journalist, his father became a reporter and Charles carried out some journals E.G: ‘The Mirror of Parliament’ or ‘The True Sun’ Charles died of a stroke,he was only 58, he died on the 9th of June 1870

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:14:49) :     Reply

      What does ‘classic literature’ mean Kirsty? Good account of his life as a writer.

    12 12 2013
      baylie (17:17:27) :     Reply

    Charles dickens:
    Charles Dickens is a famous English writer, his novels are read all over the world.One of them is Oliver Twist. this story is about a poor boy who lived in the Victorian times, Charles loved writing about poor people E.G the Christmas carol and Oliver twist. Charles died of a stroke,he was only 58, he died on the 9th of June 1870. He was born in Portsmouth, 7th February 1812, he died of a 1833, he sold his first story. At first Dickens called himself ‘Boz’. This was his pen-name. Catherine Hogarth was the lady he married in 1836. He became famous. His funny stories called The Pickwick Papers were a success. He was sent to Warren’s blacking factory, his father became a reporter and Charles carried out some journals E.G: ‘The Mirror of Parliament’ or ‘The True Sun’

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:14:06) :     Reply

      You are the only one to have talked about his pen-name and mention Dickens’ journal writing, good work Baylie. Your account is a little mixed up, jumping around – when did he become famous? When did he have his first book published?

    12 12 2013
      amelia (17:53:15) :     Reply

    charles dickens homework

    Charles Dickens was a famous English book writer in the victorian era.He was born in Portsmouth on 7th February 1812 and he died in 1870.Charles Dickens wrote lots of fun,interesting stories filled with lots of entertaning characters in them.He wrote Oliver Twist,Scrooge,David Copperfield,plus many others.Charles Dickens wrote about how bad things were in victorian times,he wanted to make life better for people.In 1864,Charles Dickens was in a train crash,he wasnt as well as he used to be afterwards.When Charles Dickens died,in june 1870,he was buried in Westminster Abby

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:12:39) :     Reply

      Solid research Amelia, well done. Was Dickens able to make conditions better for the worse off? How?

    12 12 2013
      Georgina (19:20:44) :     Reply

    .Charles Dickens was a famous historical writer during the 19th century,he was born in 1812 and died in 1870. Loads of people all over the world read Dickens novels, mainly because of his creative take on life in his time with an imaginary taste as well! Some of his most famous books include Oliver Twist, A Christmas carol and David Copperfield. Eventually, Dickens died from an illness 2 years after a train crash , with Ellen Ternan , and a tour around the U.S ,in which he read to humongous audiences! Besides, at least he went out knowing he made people think twice about walking past a homeless or poor person!

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:10:38) :     Reply

      I like the way you have expressed your opinion on Dickens’ life Georgina, you have a certain way of describing things!

    12 12 2013
      Michael (19:45:27) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was, and still is a world famous writer, he wrote many famous novels. A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist and his favourite David Copperfield. He was born in 1812 and died in 1870. Charles Dickens also lived through the Industrial Revolution period.
    People liked a good story with good characters and Dickens had excellent characters. Many of his books had orphans, extremely poor people and slums, I believe this was because of the time he lived in. Dickens was injured in a train crash in 1864, went on a tour of the United States in 1868. he died at home in Kent in June 1880.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:09:30) :     Reply

      Why was David Copperfield his favourite book? Why did Dickens go to the USA? To-the-point account of his life, good work Michael.

    12 12 2013
      Abel (19:49:36) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a well known writer who was on 7th of February 1812 in Portsmouth during the industrial revolution. Charles Dickens books are well known for example A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. When Dickens was 12 his father got sent to prison for not paying the bills. Dickens then had to work in a factory, Dickens didn’t like his job. When Dickens was 15 he got a job as a lawyer and Dickens learned short hand which was a form of signs instead of words. Dickens got married to Catherine Hogwarth, they had 10 children in total but their marriage was not happy. Dickens favourite book out of all was David CopperField because the book had a character which was based on Dickens’s. In 1864 Dickens had a train crash and he wasn’t better as he used to be, ever since. Aged 58 Dickens died in 1870 and was buried in West Minister Abbey.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:08:33) :     Reply

      A very thorough biography Abel, I can see you have done your research, well done.

    12 12 2013
      Jua (20:08:44) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a famous author from the Victorian era. He was born on the 7th December 1812 and died in 1870. His books were interesting and they were eventually made into movies, books like Oliver Twist, A Christmas carol and Tale of two cities. In literacy we have been studying A Christmas Carol and we are doing a Christmas production about it.

      12 12 2013
        year5l (20:40:10) :     Reply

      Why were his books interesting? What sort of themes did he cover?

    25 02 2014
      Matylda (18:47:12) :     Reply

    I believe Robin hood was real cause…
    this is my evidence…
    1)The is a lot of photos of the same grave which belonged to John Little and is says it’s Robin Hood’s friend which of course mean that if a friend of his was alive he had to be alive.
    2)Most websites say the same day of birth,which is 17th February 1160,and the same death day,which is 17th December 1247. According to this information he was 87 when he died.
    3)I believe in Robin Hood cause if he wasn’t real then how do all this information get to us any way, it couldn’t be make if people historical facts.
    I think people want to believe this story cause it learns you about being brave and its a wonderful,bright story that makes you think about the medieval times.

      27 02 2014
        year5l (19:52:25) :     Reply

      I agree that people like reading stories about adventure and a hero. Good point about finding the same birth/death dates on different websites.

    25 02 2014
      daniel (19:00:34) :     Reply

    Robin Hood

    I believe Robin Hood existed because:

    A recently discovered note in a medieval book written by a monk in 1460 actually states Robin Hood’s name and all his accomplices in Sherwood Forest.

    There is a grave stone for Little John that mentions Robin Hood as his friend.

    As early as 14th century there were ballads (poems set to music) written about Robin Hood.

    I think people want to believe in Robin Hood because the story can be passed down to generations. Robin Hood is seen as a hero, so people want to believe in heroes.

      27 02 2014
        year5l (19:51:18) :     Reply

      Great work Daniel, I an see you have carried out plenty of research looking for evidence. I didn’t know about the Monk’s historical notes.

    26 02 2014
      Max (15:58:36) :     Reply

    i think robin hood i real because:
    1.his friend little john had a grave and he is friends with robin hood.
    2.there is evidence of a forester called Robert hood.
    3.Nottingham is real place and everywhere else robin hood went is also real.

    People want to believe in robin hood because his story is really exciting and it makes you think about if he actually is real. Also it ells you about what it was like in those days and what the life of an outlaw was like back ages ago but robin hood was really smart which is probably what made the stories fun and entertaining.

      27 02 2014
        year5l (19:50:08) :     Reply

      I agree with your opinion about why people want to believe, his story is full of adventure and good vs evil, the sort of thing people are interested in and are inspired by.

    26 02 2014
      kirsty (16:07:33) :     Reply

    Here is my opinion about Robin Hood.
    I don’t believe in Robin Hood because…
    There is a lot of different names mentioned on all kinds of websites and books (Robert, Bob and Robin there is a lot more)
    Also a lot of books and websites have different dates, like the 13th century or the 14th century.
    My final reason is that if he was real there would have been more evidence in him.
    But until there is more proof to say he was real I will keep my opinion put.

      27 02 2014
        year5l (19:49:00) :     Reply

      Fair enough, I agree that the conflicting dates make you question his existence. What kind of proof would you need to convince you? Please can you answer the last question about why you think people want to believe in him.

    26 02 2014
      Abby (21:14:56) :     Reply

    I believe in Robin Hood; most people say he was born in 1160 ,the 7th of January and he died in 1247, the 7th December. His best friend Little John appears to have a grave stone with a message that says,” Little John, the friend and lieutenant of ROBIN HOOD !”
    much more was marked on the grave stone. People say that he was the prince of robbers, an outlaw with an entourage or some people say the merry men. An outlaw is someone who doesn’t follow the law, so is he a villain or hero, if your thinking villain this may change you mind…Robin Hood and Little John stole from the rich but they gave it to the poor. Anyway the poor had to give taxis to the rich so its fair. He lived in Sherwood Forest, in Nottingham. People say his real name was Robin Fistzooth. Robin Hood died at Yorkshire, near the Kirklees gate house. The lady he loved was Made Marian, a beautiful lady who isn’t dainty like you’d think.

    I think people wanted to believe in Robin Hood; they thought of him as a hero who saved the poor people’s lives by helping them with taxes.

      27 02 2014
        year5l (19:47:34) :     Reply

      You have carried out some thorough research to find out some facts found in history, well done. I like the way you have brought the ‘hero or villain’? question into this.

    27 02 2014
      08charlie2 (17:26:33) :     Reply

    I think Robin Hood isn’t real these are my reasons why….

    1. People have guessed Robins birth and death there are multiples I don’t know which one to believe.
    2. There is not enough evidence that Robin Hood is real at Sherwood forest they have made it like he lived there.
    3. People like the story and movies and think it is interesting.

    I think people believe in Robin Hood as he was an outlaw who stood up to the king and stole from the rich to give to the poor.

    By Charlie

      27 02 2014
        year5l (19:45:36) :     Reply

      I agree that there are different dates around, meaning there is doubt about his birth/death. Why do you think story writers chose Sherwood forest as his base?

    27 02 2014
      Erin (19:01:43) :     Reply

    Personally I believe that Robin Hood was fictional.

    However I do believe that there was a person in early history that stole from the rich but did not give to the poor as I have previously read a book saying that if he was a real outlaw he would not be bothered to give to the poor,only to keep for himself.

    Also, how is it physically possible to know that he lived or not? Due to the poor quality of documentation it is impossible to prove that he did exist. According to the internet he lived around 1377(600 years ago) I think that it is a false claim that has been passed through generations and slightly changed for example there are so many different names and dates for this `Robin Hood` outlaw it could not be accurate even if we did know that he existed.

    Finally some of Robin Hood’s so called achievements are very difficult to believe and I think have been exaggerated through past generations, like Chinese Whispers. You may argue that he was too good to be caught but no one can escape being caught for as long as he did. Also if he was a great amazing hero, robbing the rich and giving to the less fortunate, why was he on the run? Hero’s are supposed to stick up for people and stand up to the villain.

      27 02 2014
        year5l (19:44:33) :     Reply

      You have argued your opinion brilliantly Erin, I agree that at some point he would have been caught. The conflicting dates in history is also something to question. Great work, 1 sticker

    27 02 2014
      Erin (19:12:40) :     Reply

    I think that people want to believe in him as they think that he is a hero and want to carry on his heroic behaviour. Also as it is an exciting story/claim. Also as it is a great idea and people might want to expand on that making it an excellent story. In addition I believe that people want to believe that people like that could be real.

    4 03 2014
      Matylda (17:26:36) :     Reply

    Sheriff of Nottingham
    Sheriff of Nottingham is a short tempered man which likes taking money of poor,hurt,blind,injured people and kids as taxes cause of
    his dark metal heart which could be melt by the death of Robin Hood.His royalty is nothing but easiness to crown is as big as everything.When he thought of Robin Hood the only thing that popped up in his mind is hanging him in market place and letting him die.The sheriff treated his people poorly.He murdered them,robed them and starved them to death.He robed the money from the taxes to become rich and powerful.This depraved miser wanted to be king.This was his biggest ambition.

      6 03 2014
        year5l (19:52:01) :     Reply

      What do you mean easiness to the crown? Please explain. I think the Sheriff treated the people worse than ‘poorly’! What other words can you use to describe this treatment? I like your phrase ‘dark metal heart’.

    6 03 2014
      Max (15:49:07) :     Reply

    The sheriff of Nottingham is a cruel, black hearted, sinful villain. He is horrible to everyone and STARVES them, KILLS them and ROBS them. He makes them pay loads of taxes so he can be rich and become king. Everyone hates him because of his cruelty and he has got loads of power and wants more. His clothes are dark, black and have lots of patterns on them which shows that he is rich and has a dark personality. He is determined to catch Robin Hood because he always steals from him and makes him look like a fool.
    Whenever Robin Hood gets away and he cant catch him he blames it on someone else and virtually kills them. Most people are scared of the sheriff but people like Robin Hood and he merry men aren’t.

      6 03 2014
        year5l (19:50:17) :     Reply

      Do you think a character is always negative if they wear dark clothes?
      The Sheriff’s reaction to Robin Hood escaping is rageful and crazy isn’t it?!
      You have captured the description of this character well, good work.

    6 03 2014
      year5l (19:53:33) :     Reply


    The Sheriff is a dark shadow, covering the vast land of Nottingham. He is power-hungry, and seeks to overthrow the king! He tends to inspect people’s lives, watching their every step. The Sheriff steals
    money from the good people of his town in the form of “taxes”. He will do ANYTHING to pull a nerve at Robin Hood. He’s even attempted to marry the woman Robin loves before! He menaces the streets of Nottingham, forcing people to pay him their money.

      6 03 2014
        year5l (19:55:00) :     Reply

      I like the phrase ‘menacing the streets’ and how you suggest that he is using taxation as a pretense to rob people. I agree, he hides behind excuses because he is a coward and greedy for riches and power.

    1 04 2014
      laurell (19:10:56) :     Reply

    I think Robin Hood is a villain because he steals from the rich and you never steal from anybody no matter what they did. Also he teaches other people to steal and he breaks the law.

    My opinion hasn’t changed because he still robs from the rich even the inocent rich people! Now he is dragging the poor into it so they’ll be paid for what he has done!!!

    “Robin keeps on stealing all my money even some of the wealthy people’s money. It’s not fair we’ve hardly any left! You can trust me I have done nothing wrong but Robin,oh Robin, he steals people’s money and you don’t know what his background is you can’t trust him.”

    ” The Sheriff keeps on taxing the poor they have hardly any thing left so they have joined me so they have food,water and saftey. I’ve got proof that the Sheriff is the problem, when king Jhon ruled us every thing was happy and everyone got along, the Sheriff is the villain not me!”

      7 04 2014
        year5l (10:06:14) :     Reply

      Would you trust the Sheriff? Do you mean King Richard? Prince John is his sneaky wimpish brother who wants to take the crown.

        25 04 2014
          laurell (18:32:56) :     Reply

        I wouldn’t trust the Sheriff because he doesn’t do any thing to help anybody. Yes I do mean King Richard. Thank you for the information.

    2 04 2014
      Max (16:58:13) :     Reply

    1. I think Robin Hood is a villain because he is classed as an “outlaw” so that means he is bad. Also he may be giving to the poor but he is still stealing from the rich and stealing is illegal.

    2. My opinion hasn’t changed because in most of story it has been about robing people and at the end of day that is still bad.

    3.” Robin Hood! You villainous thief, robbing me, making a fool of me, murdering my men! I despise you. You call yourself a hero!? What hero steals, what hero saves people who don’t pay taxes, there really only is ONE heard to describe you, an outlaw…”

    4. “Sheriff, I’m pretty sure your thief, your the reason people are poor, your the reason people are starving, your the reason people are dying. Sheriff you are an abomination to Nottingham! No one likes you, you are greedy and crazy. Your a sinful villain and nothing can change that…”

      7 04 2014
        year5l (10:04:52) :     Reply

      The Sheriff uses the word outlaw to belittle Robin and to try and embarrass him, but do you think Robin quite likes the word and is proud of this?
      Remember you are = you’re. ‘Bad’ is a no way Jose word, please provide an alternative!

    3 04 2014
      year5l (12:26:36) :     Reply

    I think he is both hero and villain because he cares for the poor and gives them money and food. He’s a villain because he kills the sheriff’s deer and soldiers.
    Sheriff: I accuse you of murdering my men and my deer. I’m going to marry Marion, so keep away. It was Robin’s fault that you have to pay taxes money, money, money give me your money its going to be given back to you not.

    2] No my idea hasn’t changed because as I first said he steals
    kills on the other hand he cares for the peasants and slaves he is filling his beliefs and helps people that can not pay for food.

    3] sheriff would say
    ” You fiend you are the leader of a band of outlaws were are they I would bet they are at the heart of Sherwood forest, TELL ME NOW ROBIN you kill the deer that belong to me thus my men you idiot I will scoop your out heart out with a spoon because apparently it hurts more

      5 04 2014
        Laura (12:51:19) :     Reply

      Miss letts help my iPad will not let me log in what should I do it also keeps saying authorisation needed help

        7 04 2014
          year5l (09:48:57) :     Reply

        You need to do the cblogsuk for username then password is protect. Then you should get to the login page as normal.

          25 04 2014
            Laura (17:44:38) :     Reply

          thank you 4 that helpit help a lot

      7 04 2014
        year5l (10:02:59) :     Reply

      The Sheriff is trying to turn the poor people against Robin by talking about being ‘forced’ to put taxes up.

    3 04 2014
      08macie (15:33:57) :     Reply

    I think Robin Hood is a hero and a villain because he tried to save Maid Marions life and he tries to save the poor’s lives,alternatively he is a villain because he robs from the rich.

    My opinion about Robin Hood has not changed as I still believe he is a hero and a villain as he saves lives and he robs.

    Sheriff:”I solemly swear with all my heart I shall tell the truth and nothing but the truth.Robin Hood is an every day robber.He tried to make me look like a dumb idiot who doesn’t have the right to own England whilst King Richard is gone”

    Robin:”may I just say that you,Sheriff, look like a dumb idiot without me being around anyway.I have tried to save the dear poor’s lives as you are making them pay taxes with the money that they don’t have.How dare you accuse me of being an every day robber.As a matter of I am an every hour robber,and I just borrow.”

      7 04 2014
        year5l (10:01:43) :     Reply

      Ha! Robin is justifying his stealing by saying he ‘just borrows’, a crafty way of avoiding being seen as a villain. Great courtroom reference about swearing to tell the truth, do you think the Sheriff or Robin are capable of that?!

    3 04 2014
      08baylie (17:50:25) :     Reply

    1] I think that Robin Hood is a bit of both because he risks his life for the poor but also steals from the rich tututut Robin ;]
    on the other hand he attacks the castle thus he cares for the poor by giving them food and money that he steals from the rich
    2] No because he is still stealing and caring for the poor in addition he is still killing the kings/sheriff of Nottingham’s deer but giving the meat off them to the poor so all of the bad things really are for the better.
    3]The Sheriff would say smiling at his cunning plan;
    “ROBIN HOOD you will kindly pay for what you have caused AKA destruction you will see that I am trying to stay calm but it is very hard even thinking about you and I feel like a bomb that is about to have its fuse lit. That is how mad you make me and how much I want to kill you, here you are finally about to die right in front of the whole town. I know how much they love you.Because I am very nice, I have given them all an invitation to a party about your death. I hope that you have lived your life horribly. I hope that it was bad whilst it lasted. When you are dead, I am going to marry the beautiful, the much loved by you maid Marian. I will definitely like it when you are gone, at least then, none of my men will die, not like I care about them much. Also I will get to keep the throne and my deer,they are more important to me than my men, they could not even catch the likes of you, Robin die now.Just to make it more fitting I will kill you with your fathers sword.So how do you like that Robin?”
    3] Robin hood would say also smirking:
    “excuse me but you are kindly going to pay for what you just said, you’r going to kill me or are you? you see I do NOT make you look like an idiot because you are all ready making a fool of your self with out me being any were near you. You say I steal from you, but any money I take from you, you take back as taxes, you see I borrow but all that food I took I am not sorry to say that it has all been eaten. When I kill YOU I hope that YOUR life was like a ball of fire about to blow up, I hope it was a stupidly boring life please repeat your self for me once more ’cause I did not hear you”

      7 04 2014
        year5l (09:59:45) :     Reply

      You make Robin quite cheeky and not at all afraid of the Sheriff, as is his way. Plenty of ranting from the Sheriff too, you have captured his cowardly character well.

    3 04 2014
      Kirsty (18:13:32) :     Reply

    I believe that Robin Hood is both, hero and villain.
    He is stealing from the rich and wealthy that have done nothing to upset him, but he is giving all of the stolen to the peasants.
    Also he is murdering the soldiers that are just doing their job, but he is risking his life to help treat everybody equally.
    My personal opinion has stayed the same through out this unit. While studying what he has done he has basically been doing the same thing, stealing but helping. Another reason that it has stayed the same is because, he has murdered many innocent people even though he is doing it for the peasants it is still wrong.
    “Disgraceful, destroying my soldiers,making everybody fret over me, well you should be ashamed it’s you that they want to look out for, you monster, turning them against me, you.. you.. traitor,what would Richard have to say about that hm!”

    “Excuse me, but who is the one who breaks peoples hearts,stealing every last penny that they own, you torture your own men,you stone cold man,when you come around every body acts as if they like you but the truth is they don’t.Don’t you dare bring Richard into this, he is better than you will ever be!”

    “Shut up!You just wait till I get my hands on you!”

    “In your dreams!”

      7 04 2014
        year5l (09:58:36) :     Reply

      I like the reference to King Richard, the Sheriff/Prince John are scared of his very name. Robin is a loyal servant of the real king. Great conversation in the courtroom Kirsty.

    3 04 2014
      Erin (19:38:58) :     Reply

    Villain! that is Robin Hood. Bending and twisting the law. No single person should be part of this. He drags the poor peasants into it one by one. The poor people get hung and it’s all his fault. To top this all off he steals from the rich; kills the innocent soldiers for just doing their job, despicable.

    Personally, my opinion has not budged since the beginning of the unit. As I still believe their is no excuse to break the law.

    “You you ghastly creature, despicable, OUTLAW! making out I’m the bad one. Whenever one of my people say your wretched name my blood curdles. Creating havoc, forcing my soldiers to burn down the place when you know that we don’t want to,”

    ” We both know that you are the bad one. You see no wrong in burning houses ? well I shouldn’t of asked you don’t give a piece of dirt for any of us. Taking every last penny that the people don’t have in the form of taxes. I don’t know what you are talking about me causing havoc, it’s you all you! WE WANT KING RICHARD!”


    “No I speak the truth, the truth for my people. What I say is…”

    ” Exactly you speak no `truth for my people` you should be ashamed of yourself boy, Take him away and hang him and I want to watch this!”

      7 04 2014
        year5l (09:57:23) :     Reply

      I like the idea of Robin bending and twisting the law to make it seem right. You make a persuasive argument, with plenty of ranting! Well done Erin.

    24 04 2014
      year5l (10:15:41) :     Reply


    1. I consider Robin as a hero, because the Sheriff deserves it! He has done so many bad deeds that what Robin does wouldn’t even SCALE up to the punishment deserved. Plus, Robin is using the stolen money to help for a greater cause.

    2. My idea has changed, because at the start of this topic I thought that Robin just stole from innocent people to help his merry men. Then I realized what the Sheriff was like. My idea skyrocketed. Robin is not only helping the poor, but dishing out punishment to the evil.

    3. Sheriff: “Robin Hood. ROBIN HOOD! This is where the world shall accept how evil you are. You’re nothing more than a thieving, annoying, defiant REBEL! When you are hanged, that smirk will be wiped off your face for eternity.”

    4. Robin: “Sheriff, Sheriff, my good old buddy, My poor friends are suffering from your taxes. I suppose that taxes must be paid, but aren’t the poor a bigger problem? I mean, obviously they cannot afford to pay your taxes forever, but jail? That’s a step too far.
    Robin *escapes* See you later! *runs*

    25 04 2014
      daniel (15:35:00) :     Reply

    Anansi Stories.

    1. The character of Anansi is that he is a trickster, he blames others and tells lies to get himself out of trouble. He speaks to others in a very cocky way, which means he thinks he knows it all.

    2. In my opinion Anansi is a weird concoction of a man and a spider. He is a playful, teasing character as he tricks other animals.

    3. The Anansi stories are folklore (myths) that are from West Africa. From the story,” Anansi and the Tug of War”, it set in the jungle. Anansi is a foreign name which means “spider”from the Afrrican language, Akan. This information is at the beginning of the story, “Anansi tries to steal all the wisdom in the world”.

    4. Anansi stories teach us the right way to behave, to treat others well and in the way you would like to be treated. They also warn that sometimes if we are a trickster, then our tricks may backfire on us as in the story of ‘Why Anansi has thin legs”.

      1 05 2014
        year5l (17:49:18) :     Reply

      Great work on the research about his name Daniel, interesting. You have described this character perfectly, well done. 1 sticker

    25 04 2014
      laurell (18:28:14) :     Reply

    Anansi is greedy, clever, plump, rude, tiny, determined, sneaky and
    manipulative. Also Anansi is selfish, a trickster, some times helpful, easily tempted and inpatient.

    I dislike Anansi because he tricks other animals who are minding their own business and then a random stranger comes up to them and tricks them into losing the things they love. I wouldn’t like that myself so that’s why I don’t like Anansi!

    In the story ‘Anansi and the Turtle’ I know that the story is not set in our country because we don’t have turtles in our country, I also know this because Anansi is an African name which means spider.

    In ‘Anansi and the pot of beans’ the moral is to do what your told. In ‘Anansi and the Turtle’ the moral is not to trick people for your own selfish purposes. In ‘Anansi and the tug of war’ the moral is not to judge and make fun of people. In all Anansi stories it teaches you how to behave.

      1 05 2014
        year5l (17:47:58) :     Reply

      I think we do have turtles in this country, maybe not the same as those in Ghana. But yes, we don’t have some of the other animals. Well done on finding out about the name. Do you think people should take notice and learn from Anansi’s tricks?

    26 04 2014
      Matylda (15:27:43) :     Reply

    1)Anansi is a selfish spider who only thinks about himself.
    He never thinks before he does something.He always gets what he wants by doing nasty tricks.Not always his tricks work or help.He likes to be the best.He nether learns any thing from mistakes he has done while doing tricks to other animals.In some of the stories he gets help from his sons like in “Anansi and the Chameleon”.

    2)My opinion about Anansi is that he is weird mix of a greedy person and a sneaky spider.He likes tricking people but most of the times it’s for the fact that he wants something.He never thinks of what he is doing before he dose it.He always likes to be the best.He thinks that other people have fake feelings.

    3)I know that Anansi stories are from a different culture because of their different believes.They believe in more than one God,spirits and country on top of the clouds.I as well know that it is from a different culture because of the temperature.In Anansi stories it is always nice and warm.The ground is always dry.The houses are made of materials that don’t use like mud and straw.They have to harvest their food and we have shops to buy the food.They have different food to us.They have plantains and beniseeds.

    4)Anansi stories teach us that we should be kind to one another,think before you do,do to others as you want them to do to you.This stories warn us that some times jokes and tricks can lead to consequences you can regret.Sometimes parents use this stories to teach little kids how to behave.It helps you see the consequences clearer and think about what you doing and what you should do.

      1 05 2014
        year5l (17:46:16) :     Reply

      Thorough explanations and description Matylda, you have certainly summed up this character. Great effort. 1 sticker

    27 04 2014
      08baylie (09:46:28) :     Reply


    1] Anasi’s character is a scavenger for food, greedy, smart when he wants to be, thick, can be stupid, childish, cocky and he tells lies to get out of trouble he even is cheeky and down write rude to every one
    2] My opinion of Anansi is a peevish half man half spider that is always a little bit peckish he loves tricking people so he is a little bit smarter than would expect.
    3] I know that Anansi is from a different culture because the name is foreign and the story is set in west Africa. His name means spider in the African language Akan.
    4] Anansi stories teach us to share and help with those we have stole from or hurt. Also to treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Its a bad idea to trick someone as its likely to backfire. If you want an example look up Anansi Stories.

      1 05 2014
        year5l (17:45:35) :     Reply

      I like the word peevish! What do you think it means?
      Excellent research finding out about Anansi’s name and what it means. Do you think he should always be punished for his tricks? Great work Baylie. 1 sticker

    27 04 2014
      Kirsty (14:13:50) :     Reply

    Anansi was greedy, he thought any thing that any body else owned was his. Sneakily he would trick people into believing him,they always fell for it.He acts all innocently like nothing is wrong but no one realizes what he does to people.Promises is one thing that Anansi cannot keep.
    My personal opinion on Anansi is that he is clever but harsh to the people. Also he is harsh to everyone,stealing for himself. It does no good for him or any one else.
    I can tell the story is from a different culture because they have different ways of setting it out. There language is different for other types of words to. They also have different foods and plants that are in some stories.
    The Anansi stories teach us about lying all ways gets found out. As well as stealing you can regret it after you have done it.

      27 04 2014
        Laura (17:26:16) :     Reply

      good work

      1 05 2014
        year5l (17:44:08) :     Reply

      Yes the stories do warn you about lying, but Anansi doesn’t always get punished does he? He sometimes gets away with his tricks.Do you think this is right?

    27 04 2014
      Laura (17:25:22) :     Reply

    1. Anansi is disrespectful , secretive , lying little pest living a full lie through out his life.

    2. my opinion on Anansi is that he could be a lot more thoughtful rather than being the useless old manipulative brat he already is

    3.i know that this story is from another culture because of the old language and were it is set if the stories said the water came tumbling down then it defiantly wouldn’t be in any place hot

    4.the lessons that the Anansi stories have taught us that if we disrespect envy will come back to you if you envy no respect will come your way


      1 05 2014
        year5l (17:43:23) :     Reply

      I agree that Anansi has his just desserts coming to him. I’m not sure the water example proves the stories take place in another country.

    30 04 2014
      Abby (17:42:35) :     Reply

    1. The half man and half human, Anansi was a greedy, selfish, deflecting, stubborn, self centred, blagging, manipulative, inconsistent, sarcastic, immature trickster who would always get what he wants unless a smart animal would trick him back..

    2.I think Anansi is disrespectful to others so I wouldn’t like to know him other wise I probably would be tricked and that isn’t very helpful.

    30 04 2014
      Abby (18:31:38) :     Reply

    3. The animals don’t normally live in countries like the UK they live in tropical, warm countries like Africa and Jamaica.

    4. I think that the moral of most stories about Anansi teach a lesson which is if you trick someone or do something unhelpful they will get there revenge…

      1 05 2014
        year5l (17:42:26) :     Reply

      Do you think it is right for the animals to trick Anansi back sometimes to get revenge? Or do two wrongs not make a right?

    1 05 2014
      Michael (07:34:45) :     Reply

    1.I think Anansi is a very childish, immature and greedy spider. Trying to steal wisdom from all the clever people, it is like he is still at school playing with his friends, trying to steal things in the game.

    2.My opinion on Anansi is that he has got a very mouthy attitude in some stories, this is because he is always doing something unacceptable. He is also aggressive towards others.

    3.I know that it is set in a different culture because the landscape is quite dry, also, they usually have beans for their food. The narrator has a completely different accent and the characters are usually African types of animals.

    4.That we should not have a fake attitude, not be manipulative or selfish. To not be disrespectful, also, that what you do wrong will come back on you later.

      1 05 2014
        year5l (17:41:30) :     Reply

      I think you have summed up Anansi’s character perfectly, he is manipulative and selfish. You have covered all the points thoroughly, well done. 1 sticker

    1 05 2014
      Max (18:05:10) :     Reply

    1. Anansi s a greedy little brat who always wants to get his own way. No one likes Anansi because he is very childish and is always stealing from people, he is trickster.

    2. Anansi could definitely think about what he does before he does it, maybe then he would have afew more friends instead of having none at all.

    3. You can the stories are set in different countries because they don’t use anything that uses electricity. You can also tell because in the stories they use animals we don’t have in the UK like leopards and pythons.

    4. The Anansi stories mostly tell us that you should not play tricks on people or they will get their own back but they also tell us not to be disrespectful to others.

    1 05 2014
      Erin (18:13:42) :     Reply

    Anansi Anansi Anansi, the common trickster, playing dreadful deeds on the poor, gullible, innocent animals of Africa. Promises are one of Anansi’s things that are inconsistent along with his good deeds, manners and probably rules. He does not persist but the only thing he persist with are his horrid plans.

    In my opinion Anansi is a pest, a small little mischievous idiot with only a little common sense but a head full of mischievous plans just at the ready to pluck out in others times of misfortune.

    I know that it’s from another culture as when the narrator was talking he had a completely different accent and other words used that we tend not to use. Also the traditions are a whole lot different. In addition we do not have lions ,snakes and wombats just lying around. Finally we do not tend to eat the type of food they do .

    Last but not least the Anansi stories tell us that what goes round comes around. Also we should always treat everybody equally no matter what size, culture, appearance as we can see the small ones can get up to more mischief that we think.

    1 05 2014
      Erin (18:17:16) :     Reply

    I just forgot to say that Anansi means spider in the Africa. In Ghana they are called “Anansesem” meaning spider tales.West Africans originally considered Anansi to be the creator of the world.

    1 05 2014
      08Georgina (18:22:41) :     Reply

    1. Anansi is a decieving lunatic , he hardly ever thinks of other creature’s rights. He made his living out of tricking innocent animals, who want nothing to do with him whatsoever. He does not realise the sharp consequences of his actions. No matter how many times his tricks fail, he does not learn his lesson

    2. Anansi is a quick thinker with an eye for opportunity. With out a doubt, a ridiculous, oafish, marvellously talented, maniac.

    3. Charactaristics and language, the scenes/setting, food, types of animals and accents (in the case of videos)

    4. They teach us all kinds of morals, such as , stealing is wrong, being rich/popular isn’t everything you think it is, there is no joy in cheating, others shall not have to suffer the concequenses of your actions, there is no true happiness.

      1 05 2014
        year5l (18:39:21) :     Reply

      I agree that Anansi is talented, he uses his intelligence to trick others. Do you think his actions should be punished?

    11 05 2014
      year5l (08:21:47) :     Reply

    Anansi is half man half spider. He is generally just a trickster. He is always thinking of schemes to get what he wants. He usually tries to get things like beniseed and bananas. I think that Anansi is quite mean in some ways but he can also be quite nice. I can tell that the Anansi stories are from a different culture because they grow bananas and it is always hot and sunny and because he has a funny accent. The Anansi stories teach us not to be selfish , not to be greedy and to share things.

    by Milly 5L

    17 09 2014
      James l (16:14:50) :     Reply

    1.Charles Dodgson.
    2. a pen name is a writer who changes their name as a author.
    3. Lewis Carroll was born in 1832.
    4.Lewis Carroll died in 1898.
    5.Lewis carroll loved writing poetry and he was a keen letter writer.
    6.Lewis Carroll had three daughters and one of them was called Alice and one day Carroll and Alice went on a boat down a river and when they got off to have a picnic Carroll told the first bit about it.
    7.Alice in wonderland became popular because,lots and lots of people read it then and now and is one of the most popular books in the world.
    8.lewis carroll’s other books were, the hunting of the snark and Slyvie and Bruno. if the facts are that he loved puzzle and games when he was a child and the other one is he was a child of eleven.

      18 09 2014
        year5l (09:40:08) :     Reply

      Well done James, you’ve covered all the questions. I didn’t know that he was one of 11 children, imagine that! Good fact, what website did you use?

    18 09 2014
      year5l (09:43:20) :     Reply

    1. Lewis Carroll’s real name is Charles Dodgson, he used the name Lewis Carroll when he was writing his children books and composing his poems.

    2. He was born in 1832 and died in 1898.

    3. Lewis Carroll was a maths teacher at oxford university.

    4. Lewis Carroll had three children, one of them was named Alice. He loved taking her for a boat ride on the river, and for a picnic and telling her the first bit of the story.

    18 09 2014
      year5l (15:39:04) :     Reply

    Lewis Carroll

    1.Lewis Carroll’s real name is Charles.L.Dodgson.

    2.He was born January 27th 1832 and he died on January 14th 1898.

    3.Lewis Carroll was a teacher of maths at Oxford University.

    4.Lewis Carroll was one of 11 children. When he was growing up, he often spent time playing literacy games with his brothers and sisters.

    5.Lewis Carroll’s book became very famous and became the most popular childrens book in the world in 1932

    6.Lewis Carroll also wrote Through Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There.

    7a.Lewis Carroll went to Richmond School, Yorkshire, Christ Church Oxford, and Rugby School.

    7b.Lewis Carroll died at Guildford, England.

      18 09 2014
        year5l (15:39:56) :     Reply

      You have answered all the questions thoroughly, well done Katie. What did you think of the biography website?

    18 09 2014
      year5l (15:52:42) :     Reply

    1. Lewis Carroll’s real name was Charles L. Dodgson, and his pen name was Lewis Carroll.

    2. He was born January 27 1832, and died on January 14 1898.

    3. Lewis Carroll was a maths teacher in the Oxford University.

    4. Lewis took his friend’s daughter, Alice and her two sisters, on a boat ride on the river and after the had a picnic.

    5. Lewis Carroll’s book was released in 1865 and by the time of death the book came even more famous in England and all over the world.

    6. Lewis Carroll wrote loads of books, and poems. ( There’s to many to count!)

    7. He was a keen photoghraph’s

    18 09 2014
      year5l (15:53:26) :     Reply

    Well done on completing this Carisma, I know you were having computer problems. Can you name one of Carroll’s other books?

    18 09 2014
      year5l (15:54:44) :     Reply

    Author biography – Lewis Carroll

    Carroll’s real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. A pen name is where someone uses a pretend name to hide their identity.

    Carroll was born on the 27 January 1832 and died in 1898.

    As well as writing books, Carroll was a maths teacher at Oxford University.

    Carroll’s books were based and inspired by Alice, the daughter of Henry George Liddell, his friend, and telling stories to her.

    Alice’s adventures in wonderland have become the most popular children’s book in England and by 1932 it was one of the most famous in the world.

    Carroll also wrote Through the Looking-Glass, What Alice Found There, Jabberwocky and a Tangled Tale.

    My three facts are that Carroll suffered from a bad stammer, he was a keen photographer and was one of eleven children.

      18 09 2014
        year5l (15:55:27) :     Reply

      A thorough biography Kelsie, well done. Do you know what a Jabberwocky is? Can you describe it?

    18 09 2014
      09carisma (19:43:10) :     Reply

    The walrus and the carpenter

    19 09 2014
      year5l (16:11:11) :     Reply

    What was Carroll’s real name? What is a ‘pen name’?

    Carroll’s real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. A ‘pen name’ is a name used by a writer instead of their real name.

    When was Carroll born? When did he die?

    Carroll was born on January 27th 1832 and died on January 14th 1898.

    Apart from writing children’s books, what else did Carroll do as a job?

    Carroll was also a lecturer in mathematics, a church official and a photographer.

    Was ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ based on anyone/anything? What inspired Carroll to write it? Please explain.

    During a picnic with Alice (Carroll’s friend Henry Liddell’s daughter) and her sisters, Carroll told a story to Alice because she was bored.

    What other books did he write?

    Carroll also wrote Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.

    Find out two other interesting facts about this author.

    As a child, Carroll suffered a fever that made him deaf in one ear. In later life, he invented the Carroll diagram which is an easy method of displaying data.

    How famous did ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ become?

    It became world famous.

    19 09 2014
      year5l (16:12:15) :     Reply

    I didn’t know that Lewis Carroll became deaf later in life. Have you used the Carroll diagram method in maths before?

    21 09 2014
      Eli (14:09:26) :     Reply

    I have used the Carroll Digram in Mr Fisher’s set.

    6 10 2014
      Ruth (17:51:18) :     Reply

    Miss Letts do we get spellings online?

      8 10 2014
        year5l (19:42:13) :     Reply

      no but what a good idea! I’ll get onto that.

    16 11 2014
      Ruth (18:07:06) :     Reply

    Thanks but how am I supposed to know which week were on ?

      16 11 2014
        year5l (19:49:37) :     Reply

      Look on the homework display board in 5L

    18 11 2014
      09blake (16:31:21) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens is a famous English writer. People all over the world enjoy his stories. One of them is Oliver Twist, the story of a poor boy in Victorian times. Books by Dickens can be funny and sad. His stories are full of interesting ‘characters’ (people).

    Dickens was born in England in 1812. He died in 1870.

    His first big success was The Pickwick Papers. This was in 1837, the year Victoria became Britain’s Queen.

    Dickens lived through the Industrial Revolution. He wrote about how life was changing, especially for poor people.

    Many of Dickens’ stories came out in weekly or monthly parts, as serials. Each month people could read a new chapter in the story. Perhaps this is why Dickens’ books make good films and TV serials too.

    Readers like a good story, with interesting characters. Dickens was very clever at making up characters. People all over the world know Oliver Twist, Scrooge and David Copperfield, even if they have not read the books in which these characters appear.

      19 11 2014
        year5l (20:11:57) :     Reply

      Well done for mentioning the Victorian age and the industrial revolution, we’ll be studying that later in the year. You have provided plenty of facts and background information, thank you for your research efforts Blake.

    19 11 2014
      James l (17:47:19) :     Reply

    1.Charles Dickens is a famous writer who was English and wrote many books like, Scrooge and Oliver Twist.
    2.Charles Dickens lived through an industrial Revolution where he wrote about poor people.
    3.Charles Dickens first big success was the pick wick papers in 1837.
    4.People read his books because it came out a bit at a time every month like a series.
    5.People like a good book and the thing that people that liked was good characters and interesting books.
    6.In 1820 many changes was going on like not many people worked in factories they worked in farms.

      19 11 2014
        year5l (20:10:29) :     Reply

      Good that you have mentioned the industrial revolution, we’ll be studying that later in the year. What was ‘The Pickwick papers’ about? Good job James on this homework.

    19 11 2014
      09frankie (18:14:12) :     Reply

    Here is my homework:

    Charles Dickens was a famous writer, and lived in the 19th Century. He was born in 1812 and he died in 1870 at the age of 58. He also lived through the Industrial Revolution.

    People read Dickens because his characters were clever and interesting, and his stories were always good, which people love. Some of his most famous books are Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield and The Pickwick Papers.

    Something that many of Charles Dickens’ books have in common is that they are about the lives of the poor and their hardship. He wanted people to know that there were many others living through hard times, especially children. The books also have many pictures to help understand the story.

    In 1864, Dickens was in a train crash, but he was not injured badly. He was not very well ever again, though. Some years later, he returned from a tour of the United States worn out and sick. After another two years, he died at home in Kent, working on a new book called The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

      19 11 2014
        year5l (20:09:09) :     Reply

      I didn’t know he was so famous in USA, obviously his books appealed to people all over the world, they are still read by thousands. You have covered all the questions thoroughly, good effort Frankie.

    19 11 2014
      Eli (19:01:42) :     Reply

    Here is my Charles Dickens homework:

    Charles Dickens was a world-famous author and celebrity who lived in Victorian England. His books are enjoyable, with characters who the reader really feels for. Some of his famous books are:
    • Oliver Twist
    • A Christmas Carol
    • David Copperfield
    The setting is usually in a city like London. Charles Dickens liked to tell readers how unfair things were, particularly for poor people. Many poor children died of diseases and their lives were awful because they often had to work in factories or go to workhouses. He was married to Catherine Hogarth but they split up, after having ten children. Following a train accident and a tour of America, he became ill and died in 1870.

      19 11 2014
        year5l (20:08:09) :     Reply

      You have covered all the main facts as well as providing extras, good job Eli. Well done for describing Dickens’ sense of justice.

    20 11 2014
      Carisma (21:33:26) :     Reply

    1. Who was He? He was a English writer.
    2. When did he live? He was born in Portsmouth, England on the 7th February 1812. His parents named him Charles John Hutton Dickens. He died in June 1870 at home in Kent, He was working on a new book The Mystery of Edwin Drood. and is buried at Westminster Abbey.
    3. Why do people read Dickens? Original his stories came out as a weekly/monthly serials, which made it easier for people to read. People like the interesting characters like Scrooge and Oliver twist, Dickens made them exiting so people wanted to see what happened to them thorough the book.
    4. What were some of most Famous Books? Dickens first book Pickwick Papers was printed in 1837, the same year Victoria became Queen. Christmas Carol, Nicholas Nickleby, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cites.
    5. What did many of Dickens Stories have in common? The books were based on his own life experiences, he lived through the Industrial Revolution. He wrote how life’s changed in these times especially for the poor.
    6. What happened to Dickens? At 12 he worked in a factory, at 15 he worked in a lawyers office. before he died he went to America to read his books to people.

      21 11 2014
        year5l (20:34:17) :     Reply

      I’ve marked your book Carisma, you don’t need to do the homework twice! Interesting facts and I didn’t know much about his earlier life, good job.

    21 11 2014
      year5l (20:38:22) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a british novelist.
    He lived in the 1812-1870.
    People read Dickens because he wrote good stories with exciting characters.
    Charles Dickens famous books are the Christmas Carol and David Copperfield.
    Charles Dickens books are simular because all the characters and morals seem to be remembered for a long time and noticed a lot.
    Charles Dickens was in a train crash and wasnt badly hurt but he wasntvery well after so he suddenly passed away.

      21 11 2014
        year5l (20:39:01) :     Reply

      You have covered the main points well, solid research.

    15 01 2015
      Bartosz (20:54:21) :     Reply

    1.Describe Theseus—————————————————-
    Theseus had a long blade on his back at all times he was brave and full of courage he had long blond hair He was kind and Happy but he would not give up his people to terror If he had a choice he would defend his kingdom but his father the king did that job he was just a extraordinary boy in his teens He had bright blue eyes as bright as the sky
    2.describe the Minotaur————————————————
    The Minotaur was a murderous,bloodthirsty,deadly and Evil Beast he would show no sign of mercury to his opponent would would probably of died of fear no one ever survived an attack of him he his massive claws would rip the skin of a human of even thick leather apart straight away his fangs though they outrank his claws dripping poison sharp fangs would you like that death… Thats not all he had fiery breath so fiery that it was flames he had a long slimy tail it looked dry but believe me it was slimy he mostly used it to wrap around your neck and give you a slow death strangle … all the Minotaur cared about was EVIL.
    3.Ariadne’s feeling—————————————————
    Ariadne felt amazed that Theseus made it to the island of Crete if he murdered the beast she was Free for the rest of her life but later she realised that she was left alone betrayed on the island were they stopped for supplies at least she was free now she was happy about freedom but sad to be abandoned
    4.Describe the labyrinth———————————————–
    The labyrinth was full of dangers like spiked balls placed on the path to injure there foot just so they could’t get away from the Minotaur that was’t it if an arrow could shot right through your head to kill you and the the Minotaur a feast that probably what would happen or you could walk in to string and get strangled but you would see string with blood on it would’t you ?? (unless your a blind person) another plus was a sound wave machine which made you death for the rest of your life so you could’t here It was a real death trap
    The end ——————————————————————

      19 01 2015
        year5l (20:24:52) :     Reply

      Wow, you have really thought about this myth, using your imagination to come up with some excellent descriptive writing. Your maze sounds terrifying. Well done for putting yourself in the minds of the characters too. Fabulous work. 1 sticker

    21 01 2015
      Bartosz (21:22:14) :     Reply

    1. Was Medusa a victim or a villain? Did she deserve the punishment from Athena? why/why not?
    Medusa was a victim in my opinion. She was too young to know the dangers of upsetting a goddess. But she defiantly deserved that horrible punishment Athena is probably more beautiful anyway
    The reasons behind it are she upsets someone more important than her,she cares only about the beauty not the character and she does’t care about the poor only the beauty.
    2.What does this myth teach us about beauty and vanity?
    This myth teaches us that it not all about the beauty its also about the personalty and the character and don’t go admiring
    yourself in mirrors it does’t help with your life your outside is only 10% of you
    3. what impression do you get Athena,the Goddess of wisdom? Why do you think people admired her?
    Athena is clever and gives out sensible punishments people admired her because she fed the hungry and helped the sick or teach the unskilled and just help in general she would help and watch over Athens seeking for peace and helping the kings decide deals witch control the future.
    4.Write a paragraph to describe what happened next. How did Medusa react to her new life? Did she seek revenge? Did she share her misery?
    Medusa seeked revenge she broke out of her punishment and travelled to Athens once she got caught but this time no mercy
    was shown and she was Killed NEVER GO SEEKING REVENGE
    2nd TIME IS ALWAYS HARSH she did’t have a fortunate ending.
    The end (sorry not so much this time its pretty late)

      23 01 2015
        year5l (20:10:34) :     Reply

      I like the idea that your appearance is only 10% of you, I agree its important what your personality and actions are. I’d like to hear more about how Medusa was captured in her revenge attempt. Please make sure you have plenty of time to do homework, your responses are good, its worth spending time over.

    20 02 2015
      09bartosz (19:40:49) :     Reply

    WAS ROBIN HOOD REAL————————————————–
    I personally think robin hood was real these are my reasons why…
    Robin hood has a gravestone all graves have to be premmited by either the government or the Church but why would the government premmit something fake or the church thats my main reason
    REASON 2—————————————————————-
    Robin hoods generation might not be like we think but there certainly was a robin hood maybe heroical maybe not but there had to be someone called robin hood so this could just all be about a secret king the proof but there must of been someone called robin hood
    ReASON 3—————————————————————-
    hood meant a huligan in the 1300’s and still does in America but only 8 people were nicknamed it the 1300’s and robin or robert was a very common name so as i pointed out in reason 2 there certainly was a robin hood but he could just be a random person… but if he was a person he must be real
    Reason 4—————————————————————–
    Back then Robin hood was as popular as now (well thats the inforamtion i’ve been given to work with) so he must of done something heroic and thats what we know him for
    REASON 5—————————————————————
    Sherwood forest was real for 100% and theirs a poem about a robin hood in Sherwood forest But wait… we know him to be in sherwood forest could he been real in the past well this is proof saying yes.
    REASON 6—————————————————————
    A book from the 1300 has been written for robin hood it includes him little John and will scarlock (scarlet) and his arch enemie the sheriff of Nottingham but why would a book be written for entertainment back then entertaiment was bloodthirsy i wont go on about that… so if a book was written he was real
    i’m going to end this once and for all robin hood WAS real

      24 02 2015
        year5l (16:14:17) :     Reply

      You have certainly carried out a lot of research, also given your opinions with sound reasoning. Great work, 1 sticker

    4 03 2015
      Frankie (18:17:36) :     Reply

    Write a descriptive paragraph on Robin Hood.

    Leafy, verdant robes streaked behind a lanky figure, shrouded in the shadow cast down by dappled shrubs and aged oaks. Upon his back was a majestic longbow and two dozen gleaming arrows. At his belt was a needle-sharp dagger, glinting in the sunlight. The outlaw turned around, and his wily features revealed his identity – Robin Hood.

    Shaking hands with his Merry Men, Robin laughed and joked heartily, whilst eating roasted venison stolen from the Sheriff’s land. The chirpy fellows sat in a wide ring, listening to Robin’s tales of daring escapades and encounters with the Sheriff of Nottingham, and audacious insults to Prince John. His characteristics showed: brazen, adventurous, resolute, even slightly arrogant. Lifting his feathered hat off his head, he called the meeting to a close with surprising authority.

    Dashing back through the arrow-like thorns, the silhouette of a ragged figure disappeared into the inky black.

    By Frankie.

      6 03 2015
        year5l (20:01:32) :     Reply

      Great idea to create a little story out of this character description. You have used some wow vocabulary and at the same time made Robin come to life as a real person. I particularly like the description of his weapons. Your quotes will go on display. 1 sticker

    4 03 2015
      09james (18:58:22) :     Reply

    Emerald,verdant robes wore down on a shadowy man. His bold,outstanding feathered hat laying on this mysterious character. With his fantasy gracious longbow and one gleaming gold arrow. Having his sharp pointed sliver sword ready to be a dangerous figure to Prince John. The sheriffs men only knew one man with a needling shot, ROBIN HOOD!

    Meeting the “Merry Men” Once and for all especially, John little or Little john and the rest of the jolly men. Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. Their cowardly place Sherwood Forest were the hid from Prince Johns men. Robin Hood was the poor peoples only hope to them, giving them hope and determination.

    In a flash a throning arrow was sot like the wind.
    By James

      6 03 2015
        year5l (19:59:04) :     Reply

      You haven’t checked this for mistakes, spelling punctuation or sense. This is a shame as it spoils the content. You have tried to put in many adjectives, sometimes this works, other times perhaps not. You need to find a balance – what is effective? You don’t want to overdo description. I like the part about Robin’s archery skills.

    4 03 2015
      Bartosz (21:02:23) :     Reply

    Robin hood was…
    A kind deadly and humours man. He would steal from the rich and give to the poor and crate hope for the poor that they could not thrive without. He had a scar on his face he had a sword with a bow over the top of it all on his back this a pack of arrows of under his arm. He would wear a rich man’s clothing but he was an outlaw so he could not be rich.He would go around killing Norman solders then stealing their masters money and riches or sneaking in assassinating the master taking the riches and get out with the money in the hand of the merry men waiting outside the castle/mansion. The merry men where are group of bandits that worked for robin hood following his tracks
    basically steal from the rich and as you know give to the poor.
    Maid Marain loved robin hood she was his sweetheart she loved him so much that much that even though they all knew the silver arrow was a trap she was concerned about it when robin had a plan to get out so by that we can tell that Maid Marain loves robin hood alot. i’m done so Goodbye people.

      6 03 2015
        year5l (19:56:53) :     Reply

      You haven’t check this for mistakes: spelling, punctuation, sense. Please make sure you do this, it is spoiling the great content of your work. I like the contrast you have drawn about Robin being both rich and poor at the same time.

    6 03 2015
      year5l (19:53:28) :     Reply

    Adored by his men, Robin led them on exciting adventures. He was a heroic young fellow who never grew tired of plotting schemes against the Sheriff of Nottingham. When the sheriff organised a contest to win a silver arrow, Robin disguised himself as a Norman guard and won. This demonstrated both his craftiness and archery skills. Even though his King -Richard I- was abroad fighting in the Crusades, Robin remained loyal to the rightful ruler. Putting himself at great risk, Robin stole from the rich to donate to the desperate because he hated the injustice and cruelty of Prince John. Towards Maid Marion (his sweetheart), Robin proved to be protective and compassionate. In the forest, Robin was difficult to find because of the camouflaging colours that he wore.

      6 03 2015
        year5l (19:55:17) :     Reply

      You have considered all the aspects of Robin’s character and behaviour. I like how you have brought in the different parts of the legend/story to explain them. Great effort. 1 sticker.

    6 03 2015
      year5l (20:02:54) :     Reply


    Robin hood is a sly kind of man. For the fact how he can steal from king John with out being caught. Robin hood is very skilful at arching and fighting. He is skilful at fighting because he fights with the sheriff of Nottingham probably everyday back then, plus he would learn from his mistakes from fighting him as well. People say, when Robin is dying he was to shoot an arrow and where ever it landed he would be berried there.
    Robin is known to wear a emerald green out-fit with a hat with a feather on the top, also known to wear emerald colour shoes that look like slippers and are slightly curled in.

      6 03 2015
        year5l (20:03:59) :     Reply

      Can you think of an alternative word for ‘fighting’? You have used it 4 times. Why do you think Robin is sly?

    6 03 2015
      year5l (20:05:09) :     Reply


    I think Robin Hood was quite ferocious ,smart also very generous and kind i think this because he fights the Sherriff of Nottingham steels from the rich and gives to the poor.Hes smart because he finds a way to win the archery contest without people knowing its him.

    APPEARANCE: Hes usually very bloody, because he fights alot. Hes smelly and dirty because hes always going on new adventures so he doesnt have time to shower!


    Robins good, but the only thing he does thats bad is kill bad people and steals from the rich and gives to the poor.Apart from that hes a good behavioured person. Along with his gang called The Merry Men which Robin is leader of. They go around helping people and getting the taxes back from the Sherriff of Nottingham and giving it back to the poor people.

      6 03 2015
        year5l (20:06:50) :     Reply

      You haven’t checked this for mistakes: spelling, punctuation (apostrophes?). You could challenge yourself with wow vocabulary – good/bad is not satisfactory (also No way Jose words). It’s good that you have considered what it would be like to live in a forest.

    19 03 2015
      Bartosz (20:56:27) :     Reply

    HELLO——————————————————————-I think that the community should have a Massive building that has a lot of diffident facilities such as swimming pool,tech centre,playground,gardening area,coffee shop,medical area and so on the land would come from waste land all around the place if the land is small build a skyscraper with different floors different facilities the money would come from taxes of course if the council agree and they probably will as it gives entertainment to everyone extra hospital extra school extra most of things all in one massive building so it would’t take a humongous space which means its a good idea plus everyone can come together to get entertained in one place which also means that people will get more social and make more friends plus you add extra jobs for people in Northampton and people of course will be happy also i’ve been thinking about how long
    it would take to build it so i came up with a 20 year estimate which is a devastating thing as the longer it takes the more money you have to pay for the builders/machinery to build the machinery will also take some time to set up so that is a minus
    also most kids (the building is going to stand when they are grow up so) we should make it modern as most of our generation kids like modern buildings so there’s my point for that thats all i have for now so i personally think this is a good idea

    26 03 2015
      Bartosz (19:09:14) :     Reply

    HELLO——————————————————————-I think that the community should have a Massive building that has a lot of diffident facilities such as swimming pool,tech centre,playground,gardening area,coffee shop,medical area and so on. The land would come from waste land all around the place if the land is small build a skyscraper with different floors different facilities.
    The money would come from taxes of course if the council agree and they probably will as it gives entertainment to everyone extra hospital extra school extra most of things all in one massive building so it wouldn’t take a humongous space which means it’s a good idea plus everyone can come together to get entertained in one place which also means that people will get more social and make more friends plus you add extra jobs for people in Northampton and people of course will be very jolly about it.
    Also I’ve been thinking about how long it would take to build it so I came up with a 20 year estimate which is a devastating thing as the longer it takes the more money you have to pay for the builders/machinery to build. The machinery will also take some time to set up so that is a minus.
    also most kids ,the building is going to stand when they are grow up so, like Morden buildings we should make it modern as most of our generation kids like modern buildings so there’s my point for that.
    That’s all I have for now so.

    29 04 2015
      kizzy (19:31:02) :     Reply this story the animals featured are an elephant thar has a curious and inquisitive kind of personality. There was also a snake that was kind ,caring and helpful because he helped the elephant. And all the oyher animals were quite mean because the were either spankinkg him or trying to eat him.
    2.This story explains how theve.ephany got its trunk.Apparently elephants had very flat black noses and they couldnt pick anything up with them and the got extremely annoyed.they also asked a lot of questions .
    3.I enjoyed this story very much because it was very interesting and funny it was funny when every time he asked a question vhe would eyet spanked by whoever he asked the question to.
    4.There once lived an elephant that had a very flat nose that was as small as boot and was black.This elephant liked to as alot of questions and every time he asked a question he would be spanked.He absolutely hated being spanked he didn’t like it at all.One day he asked what does the crocodile eat for dinner and all of the animals came and spanked him.He walked away and ask the kolokolo bird what the crocodile eats for dinner he told him to go to the river and find out for himself.And so he did he did the very next morning he told his family that he was going to the river to find out what the crocodile eats for dinner. And once again his mother spanked him.He kindly asked for animals to stop spanking him and he set off. He took melons bannanas and oranges with him for it was a long journey.When he got there he met a snake and he asked him the same question that he had asked everyone else he spanked him aswell and he walked away.
    While he was walking he stepped on a log but it wasn’t a log it was a…crocodile! he asked it what does a crocodile eat and the crocodile gra bed his nose and pulled elephant struggled and then along came snake and snake wrapped his tail aroud elephants leg and pulled the elephans nose got longer ang longer.Soon the snake was defeated and elephants nose was long. Elephant was not happy with it but snake helped him see that it was quite useful especially for spancking so as soon as he got home that is exactly what he did.
    and that was the story of the ekephants child.

      30 04 2015
        year5l (19:25:39) :     Reply

      The other animals are mean to him, I agree. I like the repetition too but not if it means the elephant gets hit often! You have described the story well, did you do it from memory? Great job Kizzy. 1 sticker

    29 04 2015
      Bartosz (20:31:27) :     Reply

    How the alphabet was made JUST SO
    Q1: well in this story there is just Humans who are very Very VERY Clever as a daughter/son and her dad make the alphabet
    Q2: This Just so story explains how the alphabet was made by 2 humans from the Tegumai tribe who wanted to tell each things (e.g : its going to rain) when they had to go out to do other things like hunting
    Q3: I like it apart from the begging i dont quite under stand the beginning —————————————————————-(HE week after Taffimai Metallumai (we will still call her Taffy, Best Beloved) made that little mistake about her Daddy’s spear and the Stranger-man and the picture-letter and all, she went carp-fishing again with her Daddy. Her Mummy wanted her to stay at home and help hang up hides to dry on the big drying-poles outside their Neolithic Cave, but Taffy slipped away down to her Daddy quite early, and they fished. Presently she began to giggle, and her Daddy said, ‘Don’t be silly, child.’)——————————————————————————————— its just does’t make sense to me
    Q4: a child and her dad are fishing the child comes up with an idea to make signs to communicate to each other they make a lot of different symbols that mean different sound and in their language they spell out word using the sounds and writing down the symbols for the sounds they need to make the word and become known by their tribe THE END

    30 04 2015
      year5l (19:24:12) :     Reply

    I like the idea of the alphabet being invented to communicate about fishing! Such a simple idea. I agree that part of the story is a little confusing. Well done for explaining this story so clearly and concisely. 1 sticker

    1 05 2015
      year5l (20:18:44) :     Reply


    In the story of an elephants child there are 3 elephants,1 ostrich,1giraffe and 1 baboon, and you cant forget the Bi-coloured-python-Rock-Snake & the crocodile.

    The personality of the elephants child was really nosey , gullible and pretty stupid. He is stupid because you don’t go up to a crocodile and ask it what he has for dinner and it is obvious that it is going to be you because you are a large piece of meat and you are standing right in front of it. he is gullible because you don’t bend down in front of a crocodile’s face.

    The other 5 characters are a bit wiered for smacking the elephant child because he asked them what the crocodile eats for dinner. The snake is like a hero because he helped the child to get the crocodile of his trunk. An edition; the crocodile is scary because he tried to pull the trunk of an elephant, he is also greedy because he tried to eat an elephant.

    The story explains the characteristic of the elephant is adventurous because he goes out to find a crocodile to ask what it has for dinner

    I don’t really like the story because: 1 it is kind of stupid to make up a story about an elephant who gets spanked by his family. 2 because he also gets spanked by a Bi-coloured-python-rock- snake. 3 He goes up to a crocodile and asks it what it has for dinner.

    Once there was a family of different animals that were kind of crazy. One day there elephant child asked ha is family what a crocodile has for its dinner; and then he got spanked by his family. They didn’t answer.
    A few days later… he set out to find to ask animals what the crocodile eats for dinner. (he doesn’t know what a crocodile looks like) He came upon a Bi-coloured-python-rock snake, he asked him also what the crocodile ate for dinner but he got spanked as well. He rolled the snake back up again and moved on. Eventually… he got to the lake and saw a see creature in there/reptile. “Scuse me; have you seen a crocodile?” called out the elephant child. “I am the crocodile” he responded. Elephant child was relived. “What do you eat for dinner” he questioned.
    (not a new paragraph) “Come closer. I am going to eat… ELEPHANT CHILD TONIGHT!!! HE YELLED. he grabbed the elephants trunk and stretched it. Soon after the crocodile was loos from the trunk. He strolled back home happy because he can spank people and reach to high places.

      1 05 2015
        year5l (20:20:05) :     Reply

      Alisha, you have really thought about this story and its crazy characters. I agree that some parts are unrealistic and a bit silly, is that part of the entertainment? Excellent retelling of the story with all the main point covered concisely. Fantastic work. 1 sticker

    1 05 2015
      year5l (20:21:09) :     Reply

    The Elephant’s Child

    1. The main animals in the story are the elephant’s child, a crocodile and a python. The baby elephant is very curious, polite and brave.

    2. The feature of the story explains how the elephant got his trunk.

    3. I enjoyed this story because it was funny and easy to follow; also how the Elephant reacted to getting spanked made me laugh.

    4. The elephant’s child was very curious and wanted to know about the world. One day he wanted to know what the crocodile had for dinner: he asked his family but they just spanked him. The Kolokolo bird told him to go to the Limpopo river. At the river he met the crocodile and asked him what he eats for dinner. With that he grabbed the elephant’s nose and pulled. The elephant pulled back and by the end the elephant’s nose had grown into a trunk.


      1 05 2015
        year5l (20:22:10) :     Reply

      You have retold this story concisely, well done. How does the elephant child react that makes you laugh?

    8 09 2015
      10taylor (14:51:10) :     Reply

    As I walked into school I saw Miss Letts but something was different her hands were were her legs were and here legs were were her hands were. Then I walked into my classroom and everything was normal, I guess. Everything was upside down the desks were on the ceiling and the pupils were stuck to there chair. I went to the toilet and the sink and toilet all had nose hair on them.

      14 09 2015
        year5l (10:24:44) :     Reply

      Yuk! I don’t want to go to that school or have to deal with opposite limbs. Can you tell me a bit more about your nonsense world?

    8 09 2015
      Andrew Lleshi (19:19:52) :     Reply

    My homework

    I had a football match on Saturday and we were told that we’re not doing any training before the match. Also there was no referee , we could play how we wanted so people could pick the ball up, run with it to the goal pushing and shoving people out of there way. I wasn’t surprised because we hardly have a ref in our game anyway. That’s how I don’t get hurt.

    9 09 2015
      Eddy (14:58:36) :     Reply

    I woke up at 7:30; at night time, of course.I put my gloves on my feet, my socks and shoes on my hands, kept my pyjamas on and went to school in my triplane. School was as usual, we had to climb on to the ceiling to get to our tables.In literacy we learnt how to do a back-flip landing doing the splits.So a normal night at school, I think…

      11 09 2015
        year5l (09:51:18) :     Reply

      I like the way you say ‘of course’ as though all you describe is normal! Back-flips? oh dear! Good effort Eddy.

    9 09 2015
      Niamh (15:39:29) :     Reply

    I woke up and got out of my unbelieveblely soft bed in the middle of the road.Then I climbed down the slime covered steps that led down to the sewer. I jumped into the sickly green water and washed myself by rubbing my body with an old piece of cheese. When I was covered with the sewage water, I slipped my gloves onto my feet, put my socks and shoes on my hands and stepped into my top and put my trousers on my arms.

      11 09 2015
        year5l (09:24:41) :     Reply

      This sounds disgusting and also full of nonsense. I like the clothes swapping part. 1 sticker

    11 09 2015
      year5l (09:52:33) :     Reply

    When I woke up I was on the roof, so I climbed into the garden. Then, I covered myself in sticky mud to clean myself ready for school. I got changed making sure my trouser legs were on my arms and that my sleeves were on my legs. Then I went inside to have pizza for breakfast. I went to school on a rollercoaster. When I got there, instead of a teacher, my friend was teaching and all the teachers had been replaced by children. Even the head teacher was a child. When I stepped into the classroom all of the things that were usually on the floor were on the celling. Then the head teacher announced that we could all go home, and it was only 9:30 in the morning!

      14 09 2015
        year5l (10:22:52) :     Reply

      Wow, what a mess! The school sounds very confusing, interesting ideas. Well done Millie

    17 11 2015
      10millie (18:06:27) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a famous English writer.He lived from 1812 to 1870.People read Charles Dickens books, because he had good stories and interesting characters.His famous books include Oliver Twist,David Copperfield and Scrooge.In 1864 Charles Dickens was in a train crash and he was never very well after this accident.Six years later he died in his house and was buried in Westminister Abbey.

    17 11 2015
      Research on Charles Dickens-Chloe (18:07:11) :     Reply

    Research on Charles Dickens

    Who was he?

    Charles Dickens was a famous English Writer.

    When did he live?

    Charles Dickens was born in England in1812 and died in 1870.

    Why do people read Dickens?

    People read Dickens because they like a good story, with interesting characters. Dickens’ stories came out regularly so people had a chance to read them often.

    What were some of his most famous books?

    Some of Dickens’ famous books are Christmas Carol, David Copperfield and Oliver Twist.

    What did many of Dickens’ stories have in common?

    Dickens’ stories often included children and poverty. Some of his stories were based around characters who had a poor life but were able to improve their lives. The settings are often based around Victorian times.

    What happened to Dickens?

    Dickens and his wife had ten children but they were not happy together and eventually split up. Whilst acing in a play he met an actress called Ellen Ternan and fell in love with her. Seven years later they were both in a train accident and Dickens was never the same again. Dickens died six years later at home whilst working on a new book. Charles Dickens was burried in Westminster Abbey.

    17 11 2015
      Catherina (19:40:16) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens by Catherina

    Who was he?
    Charles Dickens was an English Writer and a social critic. He also created the world’s most best- known fictional characters.

    When did he live?
    Charles Dickens was born on February 7 1812 and he sadly died in June 9 1870.

    Why do people read Dickens?
    People read Dickens because he his very fascinating and truly heart-warming. Dickens can also use many cliff hangers and can keep you sucked into the book for quite some time.

    What were Charles Dickens 5 most famous books?
    His 5 most famous books were Oliver Twist, David Copperfield,Great Expectations,The Tale of Two Cities and a Christmas Carol.

    What did many of Dickens’ books have in common?
    The thing that most of Dickens’ books has in common is that he used symbolic names for most of his characters.The dictionary of British Literacy characters lists 989 named characters in his work.Here are some examples:
    Mr M’Choakumchild and CJ Stryver.

    What happened to Charles Dickens?
    He was in a train crash in 1864 even though he wasn’t hurt that much. In 1868,he was on a tour in the USA. Dickens read out loud to large audiences but after his job was finished, he came home tired and sick. A few years later, he died.

    17 11 2015
      Andrew Lleshi (20:09:47) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens is a famous English writer. His books are read all over the world because people like them including me. One of his well-known stories that he wrote was the book called Oliver Twist and his books are always sad or funny.
    Charles Dickens lived through the industrial revolution. He was born in 1812 and died in 1870. He lived for 58 years. He was born on the 7th of February in Portsmouth.
    The people who normally read Charles Dickens books were excited because they knew they that they were going to read a new book from him.
    Some of his famous books were called a Christmas Carroll, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Bleak house and many more.
    The thing that all of his books have in common is that all the main characters are children.
    The thing that happened to Charles Dickens was that him and his friend were in a train crash. He wasn’t badly hurt although he was sick. He then went on a tour to the United States and read something important out to them. When he came home he was exhausted and sick. Then he died in his home of a really, really bad sickness.

    17 11 2015
      em06 (20:33:08) :     Reply

    Emily-Charles Dickens homework
    Who was he?
    He was a famous English writer, his stories were all over the world, some more popular than others.
    When did he live?
    He lived from 1812 until 1870, when he died. Charles Dickens lived throughout the industrial revolution.
    Why do people read Dickens books?
    people read them when they came out in weekly or monthly serials. The books also made good films and T.V. series.
    What where some of the most famous books?
    Three of the most famous books are; Oliver Twist, Scrooge and David Copperfield.
    What did many of Dickens books have in common?
    The characters in one book are usually mentioned in some other books as-well. Another thing is that they are all set in the present time not the future/past.
    What happened to Dickens?
    Dickens was in a train crash then got badly injured and soon later died.

    18 11 2015
      Eddy (16:09:44) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a famous writer in Victorian times. His books could be funny, or sad. He was born on the 7th February 1812 and died on the 9th June 1870. People read Dickens because his stories came out monthly or weekly and his characters were always interesting. Some of his most famous books are David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and a Christmas Carol. A lot of his books have poor people in them because Charles Dickens came from a poor family. Charles Dickens was in a train crash which didn’t hurt Dickens but he wasn’t very well after the accident. He went to the USA and spoke to them but he didn’t feel very well afterwards. When he died in 1870 he was in the middle of writing a book called “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”

    18 11 2015
      Niamh (16:56:33) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a famous writer whose books became very popular and still are loved today. He lived in Portsmouth and he was born in 1812. People read Dickens because they like a good story with interesting characters and he was very good at making them up. His most famous books were David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol. What his books have in common are that they reflect what was going on around him in London. Charles Dickens died in 1870 in his home in Kent while he was working on a new book.

    19 11 2015
      Saffron Greene (20:12:21) :     Reply

    Who was Charles Dickens?

    Charles Dickens was a famous English writer.

    When did he live?

    Dickens was born in England in 1812 and he dies in 1870

    Why do people read Dickens?

    People read Dickens’ because they like a good story and interesting characters. Such as Oliver Twist, Scrooge and David Copperfield.

    What are some of his most famous books?

    Some of his most famous books were Oliver Twist, Little Dorrit, A Christmas Carol, Hard Times, Nickolas Nickleby and many more.

    What did many of Dickens’ stories have in common?

    Most of the stories were very long stories and were mostly about the poor and rich.

    What happened to Dickens?

    In 1864 Dickens and Ellen Ternan were in a train crash. Dickens was not badly hurt, but he was never very well after this accident. Dickens died in June 1870, at home in Kent. He was working on a new book. It was the Mystery of Edwin Drood.

    22 11 2015
      year5l (15:22:23) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a famous writer and a lot of people loved to read his dazzling books. Many of his books had many different characters one of his famous books was called ” A Cristmas Carol “.

    .Charles Dickens lived in England, born in 1812 and died in 1870 he was known to write about life changing especially for the poor.

    . The books that Dickens wrote would come out in chapters monthly or weekly. Those books made good TV serials, being great at inventing characters Dickens books became very interesting and was luring people in.

    . 2 of Charles Dickens most famous books were David copperfield his personal favourite, and in 1843 “The Cristmas Carol” where old miser Scrooge was visited by three measly ghosts who showed him past, present and future to mend his ugly ways.

    . Angered by what he saw Dickens wrote many of his stories to show what was wrong.He wrote In a book about a school where they mistreated the children. He tried to show in his stories what was wrong in the the world.

    .Dickens died in his own home,Kent.

    In the United States he stood reading to many people when he returned home he was tired and sick he Later died.

    22 11 2015
      year5l (15:23:30) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was a man who liked English literature, who lived in the Victorian times and Dickens was born in 1812 and passed away from the injuries from a train crash in 1870.

    He lived in England, he was also a famous writer and many people read his books to this day.

    Some of Dickens famous books are:

    David Copper (1850), The Pickwick Papers (1836) and Little Dorrit (1857).

    We are still reading Dickens because he’s a great at writing books and they’re very imaginative.

    22 11 2015
      year5l (15:24:02) :     Reply

    Charles Dickens was born on the 7th February 1812 and he died on June the 9th 1870. He was a famous writer who wrote all different types of non – fictional books. Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and The Christmas Carol are the most famous books. Charles Dickens was in a train crash in 1864.He was not badly hurt but he wasn’t very well after that.

    6 01 2016
      Meghan (19:32:38) :     Reply

    Meghan- homework- Medusa and Athena

    Q1) Was Medusa a victim or a villain? Did she deserve the punishment from Athena? Why/ why not?
    A1) Medusa was a villain and she deserved the punishment from Athena because she was a vain woman.
    Q2) What does this myth teach us about beauty and vanity?
    A2) It teaches us that beauty is not everything and vanity is wrong.
    Q3) What impression do you get of Athena, The goddess of wisdom? Why do you think people admired her?
    A3)I get the impression that Athena is a very kind and wise character and that is why people admired her.
    Q4)Write a paragraph to describe what happened next. How did Medusa react to her new life? Did she seek revenge? Did she share her misery?
    A4) Medusa was so horrified at her new appearance that when she got home she swore revenge and boy did she get it. Athena got so annoyed when Medusa terrorised the people of Athens by ‘redecorating’ the town. So from now on Medusa roams The Ends Of The Earth. She may have wasted away, sadly only I have met her and come out alive!

      8 01 2016
        year5l (10:45:45) :     Reply

      I like the idea of Medusa ‘redecorating the town’ with all the stone statues! I’m sure Athena regretted turning her into a monster. You have understood this well, good effort.

    19 01 2016
      em06 (17:02:10) :     Reply

    Theseus and the Minotaur

    1. I think Theseus was an ugly man, his behavior was also ugly as he left Princess Ariadne on that island sleeping.

    2. I think that the Minotaur had three heads and was orange with a green tongue. It’s personality was that it was hungry and I actually think that it was friendly, just its favorite food was humans.

    3. I think Ariadne felt shocked because why would the king send his son to get eaten by the Minotaur. I think that she probably felt betrayed because she thought that they were her friends.

    4. The labyrinth was bright green and had bright coloured flowers at every corner, but you need to watch out for the wild triplets. The wild triplets are the Minotuars three children. It is not hard to find your way out because there are not many ways to go.

    Emily Hoti 5L English homework.

      25 01 2016
        09wade (15:56:25) :     Reply

      You have considered this story, well done. I agree, you can have ugly behaviour too.

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